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Buyer’s Guide: Ascent Fluid Trainer Reviewed (2021)

ascent fluid trainer reviewTo increase your stamina and performance on the road or the track, optimizing your endurance as well as training time on your bicycle is compatible with a quality bike trainer.

There is one fluid trainer that stands out from the rest, the Ascent Fluid Trainer

There are different design variations within a vast variety of bike trainers on today’s market, however, if you want an easy to use and reliable bike trainer, the fluid style resistance trainer is one of the most popular trainer purchases for a multitude of reasons. It provides a smooth and quiet resistance and is easily functional for all skill levels.

When it comes to finding a quality fluid cycling trainer, there is a gamut of frame designs, resistance elements, and additional accessories that you can add to your rig. You can find a durable bike fluid trainer at your local bicycle shop, but if you want a large selection to choose from, finding a fluid bike trainer online is a convenient option to fulfill your training needs. If you’re undecided between choosing the right bicycle fluid trainer for your home gym or living room, there is one fluid trainer that stands out from the rest, the Ascent Fluid Trainer.

If you’re wary about finding the right fit and style for your bike or the correct amount of resistance needed for your cycling style look no further. Buy with confidence knowing the Ascent bike trainer is the ideal model for your training, and it’s sold at an affordable price. If you’re looking to save on a quality bike trainer with long lasting reliability, the Ascent Fluid Trainer is an ideal model that will surely fulfill your indoor cycling requirements.

For the avid rider who is ready to take the sport of cycling and their health to the next level, the Ascent Fluid Trainer is the best bang for your buck and offers the following features:

  • Durable Fluid Flywheel
  • Steel Structure
  • Wide Base for Maximum Stability
  • Lightweight Design for Transportation
  • Foldable for Easy and Compact  Storage
  • Affordability

Finding the Perfect Fit

Whether you’re brand new to cycling or you’ve been in the sport since you first learned how to pedal a bike, the Ascent bicycle trainer is simple to use and fits most bike tire sizes ranging from 26-inch, 700c (32 max), and 29-inch (1.25 max).

The Ascent fluid bike trainer is made of high-quality steel and promotes a sturdy base with broad support bars that provide increased stability for lightweight to heavyset riders. Buyers will experience a smooth and quiet ride with the Fluid Flywheel. How does the fluid flywheel differ from the magnetic and wind models? It’s simple, and more or less quiet.

Sweat in Silence with A Fluid Flywheel

Unlike other bike trainer brands sold at a low price under $150, the Ascent bike trainer utilizes a liquid resistance flywheel that works with the rider’s output. Also known as progressive resistance, the harder you pedal, the more resistance you receive throughout your workout.

ascent fluid trainer flywheelThe fluid flywheel is essential for riders who seek a quiet ride within the comfort of their home gym, apartment, or garage. Fluid flywheels provide quality resistance with an oil-based fluid solution that is encased within the flywheel container.

Not only does it provide a quiet workout, but it also reduces the amount of heat produced by long-term friction that emits from your workout.

Stable Performance

ascent fluid trainerAside from the steel design that boasts durability for those long and intense workout sessions, there are smaller features that add to the ergonomic use of the Ascent trainer.

The quick release skewer locks your bike in easily and secures it to the Ascent frame for optimal sturdiness, and the bottom rubber grip pads prevent any sliding or tipping as well as dampening the noise produced by prolonged pedal pumps. Never worry again about having your skewer become stuck or having to use vice grips to pry or twist the screw components of your trainer.

One key element is the ergonomic twist grips for the skewer and flywheel resistance adjustment knob. The durable grips are designed tough and do not crack. They fit easily in your hand and provide quality grip for effortless disassembly or a tightened set up.

Transport and Storage

Easily store the Ascent fluid bicycle trainer in the closet. It folds and fits into compact spaces and weigh in at only 22 Ibs. transportation to your next bike meet is extremely convenient. The ideal shape, size, ease of storage as well as affordability makes this fluid trainer an outstanding purchase. It also includes the Ascent fluid trainer manual, in case you need to figure out how to collapse the frame, which is handy if you happen to forget, or you lend your trainer to a friend.

How will the Ascent Fluid Bicycle Trainer Benefit my Workout?

A fantastic selling point for the Ascent resistance trainer is the durable quality that you receive for an affordable price. Steel stability and a wide-base structure are two major factors. However, there are few fluid resistance trainers on today’s market that offer a quality design, along with durable-made materials for under two hundred dollars. With plenty of Amazon and online reviews to back up the reliable reputation of the Ascent bicycle fluid trainer, buyers can order with confidence and expect a timely delivery of a solid product.

The Ascent Fluid Trainer is a model solely designed to optimize your training and performance. If you have multiple bike trainer brands saved on your online wish list, keep in mind that the Ascent Fluid Trainer is one of the most affordable and easy to use fluid trainers on the today’s market.

It holds a solid range of resistance levels, its unique design promotes durable stability, and its sheer quality is available at an affordable price for the rider who doesn’t want to break the bank. Riders who choose this trainer will have plenty of money left over for accessories like a bike trainer sound dampening mat, tire riser, or sweat net.

If you’re in the market for a substantial fluid resistance bike trainer that provides a quiet ride and optimized smooth resistance, the Ascent Fluid Trainer is the ideal purchase for beginner to expert bicyclists.

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