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Buyer`s Guide: Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Magnetic Resistance Trainer Review

blackburn tech mag 6 trainer ReviewTraining on a regular basis is ideal for the cyclist who wants to improve their stamina for the track or to beat their latest time trial. Even for the riders who are looking to lose a little weight, a magnetic bike trainer provides a strenuous and optimal workout for those who wish to push the limits.

If you’re looking to lead your group of cyclists on the street, training indoors on a bike trainer, especially during the winter season, will optimize your performance, so you’re primed and ready for summer. Finding a quality tech trainer is simple with plenty of brands found online. If you’re looking for a smooth resistance that produces a quiet ride for the indoors, the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 trainer is one of the best mag resistance bike trainers on today’s market and holds the reputation for taking your cycle training to the next level.

Magnetic trainers usually range from $75 to $250 and the reputable Blackburn Company has created a magnetic bike trainer that is considered an upper-level design compared to previous tech trainers and is sold anywhere from $150 and $200 depending on if there are included accessories to the Blackburn trainer setup. The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 provides the following for riders of all skill levels:

  • Magnetic Flywheel Resistance
  • Resistance Gear Remote Handlebar Attachment
  • Durable Design and Solid Materials
  • Ergonomic Grips and fast Crank System
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Foldable for Storage

blackburn tech mag 6 bicycle trainerFor the affordable price of the Blackburn Mag trainer, riders can look forward to quality resistance with a low vibration and sound emission that is unlikely to disrupt nearby neighbors or family members.

The flywheel, which is encased in a hard plastic material utilizes magnetic resistance that is controllable with the handle bar mount that allows the rider to effortlessly switch to preferred levels of resistance throughout out the period of their workout.

blackburn tech mag 6 bike trainer remoteThe handle bar remote mount is easily controllable with your thumb and is able to switch between a total of six resistance levels. This is how it works. The space between the magnets and flywheel are shifted closer or further away with the shifting of gears through the cable attached to the remote shift.

Making your preference of resistance hard or easy while you pedal to find your comfort zone. A fluid based solution lubricates this process in order to reduce heat caused by friction. This also adds to the low sound element, as well as prolong the material for long-lasting use.

The flywheel and magnets are protected by the  hard plastic casing, which is durable and aligned symmetrically with the stature of the Blackburn Mag 6. The Blackburn Tech Mag is simple, and most importantly provides a realistic cycling experience that resembles a ride across the road’s surface.

blackburn tech trainer mag 6The flawless cylindrical design of the Blackburn’s steel frame is sleek with a black gloss finish and double red and white Blackburn logo decals on both support bars supported by the concave base.

The solid steel and broad frame design provides riders with proper stability for high-intensive workouts, and with two foldable legs, the weight of this trainer doesn’t require any tools for set up. It weights under 30-pounds and easily folds for compact storage and transportation. The black color and unique design shape gives off that stealthy and professional look. Just by having a Blackburn trainer in your home, accents your living quarters or workout space with a sophisticated and sporty elegance.

blackburn tech mag 6 rubber legsEquipped on the base and support arms, are rigid rubber grips that prevent any rocking or sliding across the deck. The obtuse angle of the base creates additional means of quality sound dampening so riders can sweat out a long and intense session in the comfort of their home gym or office.

Buyers who have tried other lower-quality trainers will experience the difference in stability and smoothness that this high-performance bike trainer provides and here’s why. When digging hard on the pedals toward the finish of a workout, there is hardly any room for tipping or sliding with the strength and sturdiness of the rubber grips.

blackburn tech mag 6 wheel crankThe Blackburn Tech Mag 6 also uses a fast crank system for quick and easy bike-to-trainer attachment. This option is less likely to be found in other magnetic trainer models at this price. If you’re wondering just how easy is it to connect your bike, its simple and take no time at all. Just imagine that attaching your bike is as easy as reeling in a fishing reel.

The crank is smooth and ergonomic to the fit of your hand. You can lock and unlock your bike with ease, without the hassle of tools, and keep in mind that a skewer for your bike is included with many online purchases.

There are plenty of online reviews claiming that the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 is hands down one of the best magnetic bicycle trainers on the current market, and luckily for most riders, this turbo trainer fits 700cc, 650c, and 26-inch tire sizes. Easily set up your bike trainer within fifteen minutes right out of the box. This magnetic bike trainer is a great addition to your arsenal of cycling tools and when you take your training to the next level by riding inside when snowy or rainy conditions cancel plans for your daily ride.

The Blackburn bike trainer is designed with outstanding magnetic resistance technology, and with its upper-level design, riders receive expert quality for a competitive price. On top of that, you also receive a lifetime manufacturer warranty, which ensures long-term satisfaction of this trainer. Build up your endurance for the next big race or conquer your next weight-loss goal with the Blackburn Tech Mag 6. Experience the benefits of a long-lasting bicycle trainer and buy yours today.

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