Can You Have Two Peloton Bikes on One Account? Everything You Need To Know About Sharing a Subscription

Having a Peloton all-access membership allows you to watch live and on-demand classes and work out on your own time at home. 

However, it can get a bit pricey when you add even more Peloton equipment to the equation.  So, can you share one Peloton subscription between two bikes? 

The simple answer is yes; however, there are some catches. Buying another all-access membership may be a better option. 

This article will help you decide whether you need multiple subscriptions, whether that is through the Peloton app membership or Peloton all-access membership, or if one subscription is enough.

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can share one Peloton subscription between two bikes, but you have to deactivate one bike every time you want to use the other one.
  • Each rider can set up their own profile with personalized settings and workout history under one subscription, but only one profile can be active at a time.
  • Having one subscription is cheaper and works best for those who have a second bike at a different location or don’t mind using one bike at a time.
  • Having multiple subscriptions allows you to use different Peloton equipment simultaneously and avoid the hassle of activating and deactivating bikes.
  • You can also use the Peloton app membership to access a variety of classes and workouts on other devices, which may be a more affordable option for some users.

Can You Use Multiple Bikes With One Peloton Membership?

When you get a new Peloton bike, you have the option to purchase a subscription as well. Each subscription costs $44 to $55 a month, depending on which option you choose, and gives you full access to cycling classes, workout recommendations, and training programs, amongst other things. 

While the subscription boosts your overall experience, some members may not want to spend around $90 per month just because they have a second bike. 

Fortunately, you can use multiple bikes with one subscription. Keep on reading to find out how.   

How Many Bikes Can You Use With One Account?

You will have access to multiple Peloton bike machines with just one account. But how many bikes can you use? 

You can use any number of bikes you want with one membership; it’s unlimited, really. You will learn how this works down below. 

Realistically, Peloton members will typically have one subscription for two or three bikes. 

can you have two peloton bikes on one account

How Many Profiles Can You Have on One Account?

Thanks to Peloton profiles, you do not need two Peloton bikes to allow multiple riders a personalized riding experience. This is because each rider can set up their own profile. 

Each profile will save their workout history and statistics and have information like weight and age. Every time someone logs into their profile, their riding experience will be personal to them. 

Each profile will have full access to the single Peloton subscription, allowing them to create personalized training programs and access all classes. 

You can create up to twenty profiles on one membership plan. This will be more than enough for one household. 

Something to keep in mind is that Peloton support says that all profiles should belong to users located at one residential address. 

How To Use Two Peloton Bikes on One Account

Now that you know you can use two different bikes with one Peloton membership, let’s next talk about how. 

Perhaps you have a separate bike at a vacation home or multiple members in your household who use the Peloton. 

Whatever the case, sharing an account across multiple devices is simple:

  1. Turn on your second bike. The first screen you see will give you two options. One option will be to purchase a second subscription. The other would be to tie your new bike to the membership of the old bike. This membership, the one you already have, will be listed as “In Use.”
  2. Click on the subscription that says “In Use.” This will transfer the digital membership from your old bike to the new bike. Now you are set to use the second bike. 
  3. Repeat. Every time you want to use the same membership plan on a second bike, you will need to repeat this process. 

Something to remember is that every time you activate one bike, the other will become inactive. 

Since Peloton membership plans are not really designed for two bikes, you will have to do some back and forth to use multiple devices with one subscription. 

Will You Lose Data When Sharing a Subscription?

If you plan to use multiple bikes with the same subscription, you may be worried about losing data when the other bike becomes inactive. 

Fortunately, you will not lose data through this process. Deactivating and activating your Peloton bikes won’t affect things like your stats, workout history, leaderboard names or any other data. This is because the data is saved through your account, not the machine itself. 

Reasons To Only Have One Peloton Account

It’s possible to access a single membership with two bikes. However, there are a few things to consider before using this method and buying a second Peloton bike. 

In this section, I will review a few reasons why having only one account may work best for you.  

You Want To Save Money

One of the main reasons why Peloton users want to have only one subscription is that it is cheaper and will save them $44 to $55 a month.

However, if you want the perks of using different Peloton equipment at the same time, you could purchase the Peloton app membership. 

The cost will be lower, coming in at only $16.99 per month and allows access to the same on-demand classes you would get with regular Peloton subscriptions.

Not only can users access live and on-demand classes with Peloton app subscriptions, but there is also a large selection of running, cycling, boot camp, outdoor and strength classes. 

Check out this video for a comprehensive review of the Peloton app:    

No Simultaneous Riding 

The main downside to sharing one Peloton membership is that you can only use one bike at a time. This is because you have to deactivate one Peloton bike every time you log in to another. 

If you have multiple family members in the same house wanting to access both bikes simultaneously, a single membership won’t work. 

This option is best for those with a Peloton bike at another location. This way, it won’t matter that your first or second bike is deactivated, as nobody will be using it. 

If using only one Peloton bike at a time is not a deal breaker for you, then sticking with one subscription will be the best option. 

When To Create Another Peloton Account

This section will help you decide whether you should buy a second membership or not. If you have a household full of Peloton lovers, you may need a way for everyone to access membership with ease.

There Are Multiple Riders

Having one subscription plan may not be ideal if there are multiple riders who want to use the Peloton equipment. 

If there are two or more family members who use a Peloton bike and access membership nearly every day, it may be worth it to get another account. 

This is because each member probably adjusts the Peloton bike to suit their height and weight and thus uses the same bike every time. This means that to access membership, users will need to reactivate the bike every time they hop on. 

Reactivating the bike can take a few minutes and will become bothersome after several times, especially if they ride every day. 

You Want Simultaneous Riding

If there will be multiple people riding the bikes at the same time, you will need to create another Peloton account. This way, anyone can access the on-demand content anytime, even if the other bike is in use. 

Without multiple subscriptions, only one bike can access membership at a time. 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, you can use two Peloton bikes with one all-access membership.

However, you will only be able to use one Peloton device at a time and will have to constantly activate and deactivate one bike to access membership on the other bike.

If you have multiple family members wanting to ride the Peloton at the same time, you will need another subscription. 

Peloton offers a mobile app as well, which will still give you access to live and on-demand Peloton bike classes. This will be a cheaper option for some users. 

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