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Cascade Fluid Pro Bike Trainer Review

Cascade Fluid Pro Bike Trainer Review

The Cascade Fluid Pro bike trainer is designed and built by Cascade Health and Fitness. They believe in being the leaders and pace makers in the industry; so far, they have lived up to that. Cascade produce some of the best fitness products and they are all reasonably priced. In addition, all their bike trainers are backed with a lifetime warranty.

To many people, the Cascade Fluid pro is quite similar to the CycleOps Fluid2 in terms of performance. The Cascade, however, is more stable because of its wide rear stance. The CycleOps Fluid2, on the other hand, is more enhanced with press buttons for locking the legs and you can adjust the height when on uneven surfaces. Other than that, the resistance and riding experience on both of them is almost the same.

The Cascade Fluid offers a sweet deal because for less money, you can get better features than those offered by more expensive models. A good number of fluid trainers are overrated and ridiculously priced and some of them do not even offer anything unique.

This article aims at finding out whether the Cascade is worth all the praises. The features, pros and cons are outlined in detail and in simple language. There is also honest feedback from customers to let you know what exactly to expect.

Features and Specifications

Cascade Fluid Pro Bike Trainer LadyThe Cascade Fluid Pro is a solid piece of equipment, made with expertise. The material that makes it is heavy duty which makes it durable and stable. Unlike with cheaply made trainers, you will not feel as if you are going to topple over as you ride. The Fluid pro can hold up to 400 lbs— even the CycleOps Fluid2 does not beat this as it supports up to 300 lbs only. The quality of the Cascade comes at a cost of it being a little heavy.

As you can tell from the name, the Fluid Pro uses progressive fluid resistance. The faster you pedal, the harder it gets. In theory, this means that you cannot reach the maximum resistance capacity of this trainer. To prevent the fluid from leaking (which has been a problem for fluid trainers before), the manufacturer has used double seal technology.

The unit comes fully assembled except for the plastic “feet” that you need to attach for it to be ready for use. This trainer has a patented Quick Connect system that makes it easy to set up. It is well-made, just like the stationary trainer. The system ensures that you are ready to start training within ten minutes or less. Even beginners will find it super easy.

A riser block wheel is included in the box which saves you about $15. The block offers you three different height variations. The three-height riser ensures maximum stability throughout your workout routine. How thoughtful of Cascade®.

This stationary bike stand folds compact for storage. Despite the fact that it is a little heavy, the Cascade’s legs fold flat into the main resistance unit and you can store it anywhere. However, even when folded, the legs are likely to swing loosely. The manufacturer should consider a lock of some sort.

Cascade Fluid Pro Bike Trainer FlywheelThe flywheel on this fluid trainer is another amazing feature. It is large and weighs a whole 7 lbs for better performance. Although riding outside is incomparable, the Cascade will give you something close to it, thanks to this large flywheel.

The Cascade Fluid Pro is quiet and smooth—good luck finding a trainer as quiet as this one. For riders that like to watch TV or listen to music, this one is perfect as you can do so without blasting your ears with the volume. Its output is at about 83 decibels.

It has a lifetime warranty. For a manufacturer to make such a commitment, then you know they made a nice product.

Summary of What The Fluid Pro Has To Offer

  • Smooth progressive fluid resistance
  • Fully assembled out of the box
  • Comes with front tire riser block
  • Folds flat for storage and transport
  • Heavy flywheel for enhanced performance
  • Double seal technology prevents fluid leakage
  • Easy to set up with Quick Connect system
  • Heavy-duty and stable
  • Super quiet
  • Weighs 32 lbs
  • Precision roller for better riding experience and non-slip tension adjuster for locking the roller
  • Accommodates mountain bike tire sizes 24” – 29”

Why Buy This Trainer?

Cascade Fluid TrainerIt is fully assembled straight out of the box. One of the worst things about a new bike stand is trying to assemble it—especially if the instructions are vague. It can be quite frustrating. The Cascade Fluid pro is all about a great user experience, right from the start. This, of course, may not mean much to a pro but to a novice using a trainer for the first time, it means a lot.

It has a lifetime warranty. How many manufacturers can back their products up like this? It is proof enough that Cascade Health and Fitness know that their work is fantastic.

The Cascade Fluid Pro is quiet. Working indoors is annoying enough and the last thing you need is your stationary bike stand making irritating noise. The Fluid pro has been declared one of the quietest resistance trainers in the market. It is even quieter than some higher end ones. If you live in an apartment building or you just like working out in peace, this exercise trainer is for you.

It is sturdy and stable. Falling off a bicycle indoor trainer is easier than you think and the result may not be pretty. This Cascade trainer is very stable because of its wider rear stance. You do not want a wobbly trainer that threatens to take you down any moment. Moreover, it has a high weight capacity making it ideal for heavier riders.

A front riser block is included. Save yourself $10-$20 by buying the Cascade Pro that comes with a free riser. Maybe it is not much money but why go through the trouble when you have an option?

The double seal technology will prevent any fluid leakage. For quite some time after fluid trainers were invented, the problem of fluid leaking was very common. If you buy a cheaply made one, you risk going through the agony of leaking fluid. The double seal in the Fluid pro makes this indoor stand highly durable.

It is easy to store and transport.  Do not worry if your storage space is limited; when this trainer is folded, you can easily slide it under the bed until when you will need it again.

Its Downside

The legs swing effortlessly even when folded. This is a potential safety hazard as you can hurt your fingers. A lock to keep the legs in position is a good idea.

This trainer is heavy. Compared with its competitors, this one is bulky. However, that is a small cost to pay for the increased capacity and sturdiness.

What Users Are Saying

Cascade Fluid ProIt is no surprise that users love this exercise stand. Cascade Health and Fitness gave it their all and it seems like it is paying off.

First, customers commend the ease in setting up this trainer. They like the fact that assembly is not required, which saves them a lot of trouble. The Quick Connect feature is great too.

The Cascade is well-made and sturdy. The users have no problem sprinting, standing or doing anything vigorous as it is very stable.

Riding on it also feels smooth. The progressive resistance has the riders feeling as though they are on the road.

My verdict

The Cascade Fluid Pro is a high quality trainer and is priced fairly. Its features are quite something. The large flywheel is heavy and offers great performance. The double seal is a smart move by Cascade to make sure the trainer is durable. It is amazing that it comes assembled and you do not have to waste time fumbling around. The Quick Connect system is great because getting your bike on and off the indoor stand is not usually easy with most trainers. The Cascade Fluid Pro is an awesome trainer; you might want to try it out.