How Long Do Bike Tires Last?

how long do bike tires last feautured

If you are an avid cyclist, you probably know how important maintenance is for prolonging the life of your bike. Your bike tires are no exception. So how long do bike tires last?  Bike tires … Read more

Why Are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable?

why are bike seats so uncomfortable featured

Biking is a great way to exercise. However, almost everyone has the same thought the first time they ride a bike: why is the seat so uncomfortable? From having the wrong saddle to your riding … Read more

Cycling Knee Pain: Causes and Solutions

prepare for your first century ride

Cycling is a highly recommended physical activity for all kinds of people, including those with joint problems. Being a low-impact exercise, it is easy on your body. Unlike weight-bearing exercises (such as running) cycling is … Read more

Health Benefits of Cycling

health benefits of cycling

Cycling is profoundly beneficial to your mind, body and soul. Scientific studies demonstrate that cycling is a great way to get and stay in shape.

How to Pedal The Perfect Stroke

pedal the perfect stroke

The perfect pedal motion described and illustrated in 4 easy steps. Be a more efficient cyclist and perfect your pedal stroke.

How Many Miles Should I Bike a Day?

How Many Miles Should I Bike a Day

Most cyclists have a goal that they desire to attain through cycling. How many miles should you ride per day to achieve that goal? This article gives you some pointers.

How to Transport Your Bike – All Your Options

how to transport your bike

Travel with your bike to wherever you want to go. This article will present you with all the possible options of how to transport your bike in or on top of your car.

How to Prepare for Your First Century Ride

prepare for your first century ride

Your first century ride is a huge deal. It’s one of the most thrilling challenges you will ever take on as a cyclist. This article helps you to prepare adequately, equips you with a few pro tips and inspires you with other riders’ first century ride stories. Read on.

6 Reasons To Choose A Smart Trainer Over A Traditional Trainer

smart trainer vs traditional bike trainer

What makes smart bicycle trainers different from traditional trainers and what makes them smart? 6 Reasons you should choose a smart trainer over a traditional trainer. Read this article before you decide what trainer to buy.

Smart Bike Trainer Software Apps Compared

smart bike trainer software apps

If it were for cyclists to decide, they would never consider the options of riding indoors. But since they do not have that choice, sometimes indoor cycling is inevitable—especially during winter or when the schedule … Read more