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Top 20 Cheap Bicycle Trainers (2021)

You love cycling, but riding outdoors isn’t always an option. If you want to stay in shape in the wet season, a bike trainer will allow you to train indoors.

However, not all of us want to spend a lot of money on a bike trainer stand. Let’s look at the best cheap bicycle trainers for sale. Cheap Bike Trainers Under $50, Cheap Bike Trainers Under $75, Cheap Bike Trainers Under $100, Cheap Bike Trainers Under $150.

Cheap Bike Trainers Under $50

Bike Trainer CompatibilityDescription 
RAD Cycle Products Indoor Mag Bicycle Trainerfits 700c road or 26" mtb wheelsMagnetic trainer; single magnetic resistance; with quick release skewerCheck Price

Cheap Bike Trainers Under $75

Bike Trainer CompatibilityDescription 
Giantex Magnetic Indoor Bike Trainer StandFits 26" to 28" or 700C bike wheelsMagnetic trainer; 5 resistance levels; with remoteCheck Price

Cheap Bike Trainers Under $100

Bike Trainer CompatibilityDescription 
Forza Sunlite F-2 TrainerFits most road 700C and 26" bikes. Does not fit 29er wheels. Magnetic trainer; smooth and powerful resistance; with quick release; without riser blockCheck Price
Bike Lane Pro Indoor Bicycle Trainer26" - 28, and 700cMagnetic trainer; 7 resistance levels; wide base for extra stability; with front wheel riser blockCheck Price
Yaheetech Premium Steel Bike Trainer Stand26", 700CMagnetic trainer; clamp locks down on quick release or bolt on rear wheels; max. load 330 lbs; without riser blockCheck Price

Cheap Bike Trainers Under $150

Bike Trainer CompatibilityDescription 
Health Line Turbo Trainer26", 28" and 700C bikesMagnetic trainer; 8 resistance levels ; quick release skewer; with front wheel riser block; 330 lbs weight capacityCheck Price
Gotobuy Premium Steel Indoor Bike Trainer26", 700CMagnetic trainer; heavy duty stand; foldableCheck Price
CycleOps Mag Trainer w/o Adjustern/aMagnetic trainer; five resistance settings; quick-lock bike mount lever; foldable legs for easy storageCheck Price
Graber Mag Indoor Bicycle TrainerFits 26" and 27", 700c wheelsMagnetic trainer; 5 resistance levelsCheck Price

Choosing the Best Cheap Bicycle Trainer for Your Needs

A bike trainer or a turbo trainer lets you convert your bike to a stationary bike. For cycling lovers, this is a must-have piece of equipment for when the weather decides nobody is riding outside or when you get an injury.

However, getting a trainer that suits your needs is not as easy as going to the store and picking whichever; they all have different features and options, and you have to get the one that is best for you. There are thousands of indoor bike trainer reviews out there, and if you don’t know what you want, they will barely help you. So what should you consider while choosing the best cheap bicycle trainer?

1. Price

What is your budget? You can get trainers starting from $50 all the way up to $2500 (yes, people are willing to spend that much). However, regardless of the price, all trainers will give you a platform for indoor cycling, just that the expensive ones have more options and features.

Wind trainers are cheapest, and new cyclists prefer them to the other types. Their downside is that they are extremely loud and if you live in an apartment you will have those living under you banging on the ceiling with broomsticks every time. Trainer mats help a little with the noise or use tires with a small and tight thread pattern.

You can also find cheap magnetic trainers that fit in your low budget; as from $60. For more expensive options, fluid trainers will do.

If you are on a very tight budget, do not go for extremely cheap models. They will frustrate you and make you hate indoor cycling. The best thing to do is to find a used bike trainer for sale that is still in good condition.

2. Noise Level

Working out with some trainers may cause neighbors and roommates to think that you left the blender running. You need to consider the noise level mostly depending on where you live.

Wind trainers can be deafening and are therefore, unsuitable for apartment dwellers. They may also not allow you to listen to music, watch TV or listen to that audiobook; their noise is all you can listen to. Magnetic trainers are quieter—though not all. They might bother your roommates. Fluid trainers are the quietest bike trainers but more costly (unless maybe you get a used one).

For people with a secluded workout room or those that do not care about the noise, options might be more.

3. Resistance Level

Are you looking for weak resistance or strong resistance? Some trainers such as fluid and magnetic, give you the option of varying resistance to your preferred level, others like the wind trainers do not. A beginner who is looking for a simple workout might be comfortable with the wind resistance trainers. Someone who has been cycling for a while should opt for more advanced trainers that will allow for intense workouts.

4. Size

A trainer may be within your budget, offering excellent resistance but fail to accommodate your wheel size. Bike stands best correspond with the wheel sizes that they are designed to accommodate. They fit wheels in a range of sizes such as 22-29”, 27-28” and so on. Always make a point of checking before buying or ask the store attendant to help you.

Also, not all train trainers fit with all bike types. Your bike should always fit perfectly into the stand to avoid sloppiness.

5. Durability

An investment in your fitness is a major investment. For intense workouts and long distance riding, you cannot afford to skimp on a bike trainer. If you ride hard on some of these trainers, they will start wearing out and breaking because of friction from continuous usage.  Invest a little more in a cheap bicycle trainer that can stand overheating and pressure, or buy a used one. It is better than buying something too cheap that will limit your workout.

6. Portability and Storage

Some trainers fold flat while others do not; and even though others do, they are very heavy and bulky. This factor largely depends on your storage space and whether you plan on carrying it around. If you buy something that keeps tripping your spouse, they will make you return it before you enjoy it enough (or it might disappear mysteriously).

7. Ease of Installation and Mounting/Removing Bike

Check the requirements needed to install the bike stand so that you can choose the best budget bike trainer that will keep your bike in an upright position.

Ease of mounting and removing your bike from a trainer is a significant factor. You do not want your bike getting stuck on the stand every time—it may not end well for your wheel’s spokes.

8. Stability

For older riders and beginners, this factor should be somewhere near the top of your list and somewhere on the list for every other rider. Though it is not that easy to fall off a bike trainer, it is possible, especially with a wobbly one and you might get hurt. Trainers with a wide base tend to be more stable.

Other factors to consider include;

  1. Smoothness
  2. Quality
  3. Main muscle training
  4. Modern features like a computer or virtual reality features

A little research before buying a cheap bike trainer will not hurt. You want to get yourself the best bike trainer stand that will serve you well for long. If you want a cheap indoor bike trainer and don’t care about noise, go with the wind trainer. If you live in an apartment or with a roommate, some magnetic trainers are cheap and a little quiet (magnetic trainers are actually the best cheap bike trainers, given their functionalities). Check if the resistance level will give you the kind of challenge that you are looking for or get one that allows you to adjust the resistance for yourself—although this feature might not be very important to beginners.

Get a trainer that fits your bike type and tire sizes, else you will spend a lot of time and resources trying to return it. Consider the ease of storage and travel to avoid later inconveniences. Go through customer reviews to ascertain if a trainer is really stable and durable—those never lie. There are so many cheap bicycle trainers available today; you will get one that meets all your needs. Choosing the best budget bike trainer will keep you as active during winter as just as in summer.