Clunking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes offer a way to enjoy the benefits of cycling all year round, without being hindered by bad weather. It’s a fantastic cardiovascular activity that can help you lose weight, relieve stress, and tone your muscles. 

But if you own an exercise bike, you might have to deal with a few issues here and there. One such issue is weird noises coming from the machine. I’ve heard many people talk about a clunking noise when pedaling an exercise bike. 

Not only is it annoying; it can also be a sign that something’s wrong and needs to be fixed.

Here, I’ll discuss the most likely causes of clunking noises in your exercise bike. I’ll also talk about how you can stop the noises and enjoy a smooth workout routine. 

Key Takeaways

  • Loose pedals, bottom brackets, or crank arms, faulty flywheels, poorly maintained bearings and uneven positioning are the most common reasons for clunking noises.
  • You can fix the noise by tightening, lubricating, cleaning, or replacing the noisy parts, as well as placing the bike on a flat surface and adjusting the feet.
  • You should contact the manufacturer if the noise persists or is serious, as it could be a defect or a broken part.
  • Maintain and care for your exercise bike properly to prevent noise and ensure a smooth workout.

Possible Reasons Why Your Exercise Bike Is Making a Clunking Noise When You Pedal

Exercise bikes have a lot of moving components and sometimes they don’t run as smoothly as they’re supposed to. One indicator that something is wrong is a noise that shouldn’t be there. 

While an exercise bike is not completely silent, some noises, like clunking, should not be ignored. 

Note that different people may describe the same noise differently. What’s a clunking sound to you may be a knocking noise to someone else. So you may see me mention other sounds including a grinding noise or rattling. 

This could be why you’re hearing a clunking noise when pedaling your spin bike. 

Loose Pedal 

The first place you should check if you’re getting a weird noise when pedaling is the bike pedal. Some people describe it as a clicking sound. 

Your bike pedal could be loose or just worn out. The latter is highly likely if the sound is more of a tapping sound.

Tighten your pedals or remove and then reattach them again. They shouldn’t be loose but you also shouldn’t tighten them too much.

If the problem was coming from the pedals, that should fix it. The other option would be to replace the noisy bike pedal. 

Still getting a clunking or knocking noise? Keep reading for more possible reasons and solutions. 

Loose Bottom Bracket

You can get a clunking sound or feeling if there are loose parts in the bottom bracket of your bike. It may also seem to get worse when you apply more pressure on the pedal. 

It’s something that should go away once you tighten it. 

But it could also be because the bottom bracket is worn out. If that’s the case you will need to have it replaced. 

Uneven Positioning

Sometimes something as small as uneven positioning may cause noise when pedaling your exercise bike. 

Ensure your indoor exercise bike is placed on a flat surface and adjust the feet as needed. It also helps to have a mat under your bike as that can reduce unnecessary noise as well. 

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Poorly Maintained Bearings

Dry or dirty bearings can also cause noise, especially when you’re doing a high-intensity workout. It will make your riding less enjoyable and may also lead to expensive problems in the long run. 

The sound is usually an annoying creak or squeak. 

Clean and lubricate the bearings to eliminate the noise. 

Faulty Flywheel

A faulty or imbalanced flywheel may have issues generating momentum properly and your spin bike won’t be smooth. As a result, you may hear a clunking or clicking noise. 

If you suspect this to be the reason for your bike’s noise, reach out to the manufacturer. There are also repair companies that you can contact and you’ll have someone come to your home and check the exercise bike for you.  

Loose Crank Arm

A loose crank arm will produce some noise when you’re pedaling–usually a rattling noise. Tighten it properly and try lubricating it too. 

This should make the noise go away if the crank arm was the culprit. 

If the crank arm noise persists contact the spin bike’s company as it could be a manufacturer’s defect. There have been similar complaints from users of certain brands. So it would be best to reach out to the company’s support team. They will diagnose the problem and advise you further. 

How to Prevent or Stop Clunking Noise on Your Exercise Bike

Proper exercise bike maintenance can save you a lot of trouble and you may never have to deal with weird noises. 

Clean Your Exercise Bike Regularly

Pretty much everything could last longer if you keep it clean. And your exercise bike is no exception. 

Like any other equipment, exercise bikes should always be kept clean. How often you clean it depends on how much you use it. I’d say several times a month is fine. 

Grease and Lubricate 

There are many moving parts in an exercise bike. When you don’t lubricate and grease these parts properly, you’ll have an unpleasant ride because of the friction and noise. 

Lubricate the chain and other components to enjoy a smooth paddling motion. 

Place the Stationary Bike on a Flat Surface

Find a nice flat surface to place your exercise bike. 

Also, make sure you adjust the feet until your machine is sitting firm and stable on the floor. 

Contact Your Exercise Bike’s Manufacturer

If you have tried all of the above solutions and none of them has been able to resolve your noise problem, contact your manufacturer. Sometimes the problem is more serious and something may even be broken. 

Trying to fix it yourself without knowing exactly what you’re doing could cause further damage. It could even be a manufacturer’s defect, especially if your exercise bike is still new. 

Stationary Bike Making Noises: FAQs

Why Does My Bike Make a Knocking Sound When I Pedal?

A knocking noise on your exercise bike could be caused by a loose pedal, faulty wheel, or poorly maintained bearings. Try tightening your pedals, greasing the bearings, and checking for a broken part. 

How Do I Stop My Bike from Clunking?

You can fix a clunking noise by first ensuring that your exercise bike is sitting on a flat surface. Then check to make sure that there aren’t any loose parts. 

Why Does My Bike Creak When I Pedal Hard?

A creaking or squeaking sound is mainly caused by dirty or dry parts rubbing against each other. Clean and lubricate the chain, bearings, and other moving components. 

Wrapping Up

A clunking noise when pedaling an exercise bike can be annoying. If you don’t look into it, you may end up dealing with a bigger problem sooner or later. 

First, check the pedal and bottom bracket. Ensure everything is properly tightened. If something is worn out, replace it. Place your exercise bike on a flat surface and adjust the feet so the machine sits evenly on the floor. 

You can try reaching out to the exercise bike’s manufacturer too. They will help you diagnose the problem accurately and give you the right solution.  

Lastly, remember to take good care of your exercise bike. Keep it clean and lubricate the moving parts to prevent creaking. Everything works better if it’s well taken care of. 

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