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Buyer`s Guide: Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer Review

elite qubo fluid trainer ReviewInnovative, sharp, stylish, and reliable, are a few words that describe the Elite Qubo Fluid trainer. This Elite model gives potential buyers who are seeking a top-notch, affordable bike trainer an ideal workout for daily indoor training and warmup sessions before bike meets and competitions.

For the cyclists who are taking their training seriously to the point where they can’t miss a bike session due to rainy or snowy weather, having a reliable bike trainer for your indoor workout is key to staying in shape, and the Qubo trainer brings a serious workout while harnessing a multitude of bike sizes.

If you’re a rider who lives in a part of the world where the seasonal changes affect road conditions, this Elite travel fluid trainer is an excellent option for maintaining your training and physique during the offseason.

The Elite Qubo Adjustable Fluid Trainer offers the following for riders who are looking for a quality fluid bike trainer to assist in their indoor cycling workout:

  • Stable and durable with a cutting-edge frame design
  • Innovative and powerful fluid flywheel
  • Simple setup and fast fixing system
  • Compatible with Zwift Virtual Powercurve with ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor
  • Adjustable for easy travel and storage


The unique design of this Qubo Fluid Trainer holds any size rider in place with the proper stability and with the wide square base, solid floor grips, and the inward curvature of the support bars, riders are provided with a steady workout without any sliding or rocking across the surface. The cutting-edge frame design is unlike any other affordable fluid trainer, and buyers can locate the Qubo Fluid Trainer on most retail websites at a base price under $150. Saving money on a quality trainer that offers a plethora of substantial features allows for the purchase of accessories such as a sweat net or riser block. In some instances, you can find a combo package that includes both complimentary accessories with your purchase of the Elite Qubo.


elite qubo adjustable fluid trainerNot only is the arching, steel frame design ideal for stability and rider placement, but the Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer is stylish and sleek in every way. The sporty and aggressive style of the black and white color frame is accented by the red, and white downward flow of racing stripes overlaying the main support bars with the Elite Qubo, and Fluid+ logo printed boldly on the front.

Adding this piece of equipment to your home gym or bringing it along to the sidelines of your next bike competition for a warm-up session will surely catch the eye of other cycling enthusiast and fellow riders. Innovative design at a low price is hard to come by, and the Elite Qubo trainer adds a tasteful style at an affordable price which is easy to find at various online market retailers.


elite fluid bicycle trainerWhen it comes to the fluid flywheel of the Qubo Elite Fluid trainer, the full range of progressive resistance is caused by the rider’s output which closely resembles the typical glide one would find riding across a solid and smooth road surface.

The oversized flywheel functions within an oil-based solution that is tightly sealed. Don’t worry about any leakage from this flywheel because the high-quality casing material is molded tightly with a bolted seal that provides a quiet ride. The roller is the epitome of smoothness, and it stands out from other typical models because it does not require any calibration before use. This roller’s pressure adjusts automatically to the weight of the rider. An uncommon feature in other fluid riders and prevents less tampering with the roller which is prevalent in other speed trainer models.

Riders have claimed that the Qubo Power Fluid flywheel is one of the quietest designs with a fantastic smoothness that maintains a fixed temperature without any overheating from excessive force. It is also an updated design that is compatible with the Zwift Virtual Powercurve ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor that easily attaches to most road and mountain bikes. If you’re a rider who loves to record their daily performance, the Qubo trainer is ideal for adding tracking accessories to your workout. A substantial feature for those riders wanting to add aftermarket technology that combines body, bike, and smartphone to optimize and record performance.

Ease of Use

A fantastic selling point for the Elite bike trainer is the ease of setup and the quick-release mechanism. Unhook your bike promptly when needed with the fast fixing handle system located on the main support arm. This ergonomic system allows for quick detachment or a solid and secure connection with the clamp release lever. This special design is operable with only one hand and saves time from prolonged bending or kneeling to detach your bicycle. For the high-tech design of the Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer, it is simplistic in every way. All skill levels will experience a timely and easy initial assembly right out of the box and won’t have to fumble around with a skewer when it comes to harnessing your bicycle.


The Qubo Trainer is easily handled when folding for storage. An adjustable model that only weighs 25-pounds, traveling with the Elite Qubo is incredibly simple and easily fits in the back seat or trunk of your car. When it comes to easy take-downs and configurable storage, the Qubo Fluid folds quickly and efficiently. Fold the adjustable fluid trainer to clear space in your home gym or apartment or feel free to show off its sporty style.


Finding a quality and affordable fluid trainer is hit or miss when searching the online market for a trainer that suits your riding style and workout routine. The Elite indoor bike trainer products are constructed with top of the line steel and plastic materials, and through their vast category of different models, the Qubo Fluid is one of the quietest designs that boasts proper and smooth resistance.


If you’re craving durability, an ergonomic quick set up and take down, and a sporty style that pumps you up throughout every workout, this bike trainer deserves your attention. The Elite indoor bike trainer is at the top of the online market for a reason, and it’s because it is simple to use and it produces riders with long-lasting reliability.  Cyclists around the world thrive on the Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer, and for the affordable price, you can look forward to escalating your performance on the road, and never missing a workout indoors.

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