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Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Smart Trainer Review

Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Electro-Magnetic Trainer Review

Indoor cycling does not have to be a pain and smart bike trainers do not have to cost an arm and a leg. No other trainer drives this point home like the Elite Qubo digital smart trainer. Elite is a very well known company and its story began more than 30 years ago. It is famous for new discoveries and success in the cycling industry. Each Elite product you see in the market is a result of intensive research and has been tested by some of the most renowned professional teams in the world.

The Elite Qubo Smart B+ trainer is a simple wireless trainer designed for use with a tablet or smartphone. It is inexpensive and has unique features that you will be lucky to find in other trainers. Despite the fact that it is cheap—compared to most smart trainers—the Qubo digital is a premium quality bike stand made from some of the strongest materials. With this exercise stand, your weight and power directly influence your performance, making you feel as though you are riding outside. Moreover, this Elite trainer comes with 12 months of free subscription to the amazing Elite app, My E-Training.

It is okay to be a little hesitant when buying the Elite Qubo because of its price. The deal may seem to be too good to be true. The aim of this review is to let you know everything you need to about this smart trainer. You will find all the important details below accompanied by feedback from firsthand users of the Qubo. One thing you can be sure of is that this bike stand will exceed your expectations—all your doubts will be cleared.

Quick Summary of Features And Specifications

  • Uses electric motor resistance
  • Has three training modes; power, level, program
  • Features 16 levels of resistance
  • Uses ANT+ Wireless and Bluetooth Smart transmission
  • Fits road bikes with 20”-29” and mountain bikes with 20”-29” wheels
  • Highly stable frame
  • Compass Crono system that replicates road feel
  • Elastogel roller that translates to 50% less noise 20% reduction in wear and tear
  • Fast fixing lock system
  • Complete interaction between app/software/devices with ANT+ trainers (FE-C) Protocol
  • Frame is foldable
  • Made of steel and hi-tech plastics

Closer Look At Features and Specifications

Elite Qubo Digital Smart Bicycle Trainer ReviewThe Elite Qubo trainer uses the Crono system to replicate the road feel. This exclusive system that was designed in 2005 and developed by Elite allows the weight and power of the rider to affect the performance. When you sit on the bike, your weight will rest directly on the roller, just as it would if you were riding outside, and influence your power output.

Therefore, with this trainer, a heavier cyclist riding at 35km/h will not have the same power output as a lighter rider riding at that same speed. This translates to easy set-up and automatic adjustment since you do not have to calibrate roller pressure.

The Elastogel roller promises better performance, grip and enhanced durability. Elastogel is a unique cast polyurethane elastomer produced after a lot of research and testing. This material has an outstanding mechanical strength and elastic properties that make it resistant to abrasion and wear. With it, chances of permanent deformation are reduced regardless of temperature or size of the load. Its remarkable tire grip enhances performance and reduces the energy lost as you pedal. The Elastogel roller also reduces noise levels.

Elite Qubo Digital Smart Bicycle TrainerThe Qubo digital trainer uses ANT+ wireless and Bluetooth Smart transmissions which allow you to connect your trainer wirelessly to any devices of your choice. It supports ANT+FE-C to let you read cadence and speed data and adjust resistance. It can be controlled by a wide range of apps through ANT+. This ANT+FE-C protocol is not restrictive and you can decide to use any app or software of your choice. The Bluetooth Smart transmission basically supports third-party developers.

This trainer requires little, if any, assembly. Being a very simple piece of equipment, all you need to do is bolt it to the base and plug it in. the smart bike stand comes with a quick release to enhance the connection between your bike and the trainer. Since the Elite digital B+ uses your weight to connect your bike with the Elastogel roller, wheel size adjustment is toolless.

The Elite Qubo trainer does a pretty good job measuring power, considering its price. It is actually going to perform better than you expect. Now, when you alternate between standing and standing, you will notice a few discrepancies. Changing your position while on the bike is going to affect the reported power; which is expected because then the nature of connection between the trainer and your bike is interfered with.

Elite Qubo Digital Smart Bicycle Trainer Power Speed

The Elite Qubo has an electromagnetic resistance which is controlled by training apps. These apps automatically adjust the resistance depending on the gradient. For instance, when going up a hill on the virtual road, pedaling becomes harder. You will find the Qubo a little slower to change when doing huge shifts in power.

The Elite digital trainer has a small flywheel which works surprisingly well. Despite its size, your pedal stroke will be smooth. Of course, it cannot compare to a direct drive (but they cost almost thrice as much so…there’s that).

Finally, the Qubo is strong and stable. Made from steel and hi-tech plastics, this strainer will endure even on those days when you are in beast-mode. This also means that you will be using it for a long time. The wide and stable frame ensures a safe workout and unless you really want to fall off of it you will not have any accident cases.

Why You Should Buy The Elite Qubo Smart Trainer

Elite Qubo Digital Smart Bike Trainer with Crono SystemThe Elite Qubo’s price is its main selling point. You will not find a cheaper smart trainer anywhere. If all you have is $400 and you want a trainer that is worth every single cent, this is it. It is not limiting and you can do whatever you like on apps like TrainerRoad, Zwift, and the Sufferfest. Unless you are a pro who needs a high-end smart trainer for whatever, the Qubo will meet all your indoor cycling needs.

It is lightweight and foldable. Even a child can carry the Elite digital B+ around. So the weight will never cause trouble if you want to travel a lot with the exercise stand. The frame saves you on storage space. The good thing with foldable bike trainers is that they can fit anywhere.

The power measurement accuracy on this trainer is decent and it has great resistance. People spend more money buying smart trainers because of power measurement and resistance (those are the two main reasons, anyway). Although the Qubo is not perfect it is as accurate as a trainer within its range can get. The resistance is also quite great as it changes automatically making for lively training sessions.

The quick release system is another advantage that should make you consider this trainer. It makes it easy and quick to fix your bike in—something you will appreciate when you are pressed for time. Thanks to the Crono system, you do not have to struggle with a knob to tighten your bike down. Your weight will do that automatically.

Its Downside

The noise is not that low and it can be described as irritating. It is mostly a high pitch sound that emanates from the light flywheel and small roller. The noise is nothing compared to that of wind and magnetic trainers but it is a little more than that of a fluid trainer. To be clear, this noise might not even bother you unless you prefer a really quiet trainer.

The fact that the Qubo uses your weight to measure power is amazing but it can also be a downside. If you lean forward or stand while riding, the power output varies because you are varying the nature of connection between the bike stand and your bike. The anomaly is not vast and the price makes the compromise worth it.

What Users Are Saying

Elite Qubo Digital Smart Bike Trainer ElastogelEveryone loves reading reviews before committing their money. It helps to get an honest opinion from fellow riders before you make a final decision.

From the feedback, the Elite Qubo digital trainer is fantastic and works just fine. Users have an easy time setting it up and there are no parts that will give you trouble. It works well with apps; there are no reported connection issues. The stability is great and you will not be falling off as you train.

The only problem seems to be the power accuracy but as long as your weight is shifted back as you ride you will achieve more accuracy. Other than that, riders love their Elite Qubo Smart B+ trainer.

My verdict

Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Electro-Magnetic Trainer ReviewA rider looking for a smart trainer with great resistance will find the Qubo Digital perfect. You can use the indoor training app of your choice and enjoy the various virtual gradients at a relatively small cost. This trainer can be used by kids too, which is a plus.

If you are not looking for perfect power data, the Elite Qubo Smart B+ Trainer has everything else you want. You better buy one while the deal is still good.