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Forza F 2 Trainer Review

forza f 2 trainer ReviewThe Forza F 2 indoor trainer (also called the Sunlite F 2) is a product of Forza and it uses a magnetic flywheel to provide a smooth progressive resistance.

This bike trainer has made it to many top bike-stands reviews and bestselling lists, and you are probably wondering what is so special about it.

First of all, the Forza F 2 costs $100 or less—and it has proven that cheap is not always expensive. It is the ultimate trainer for any cycling enthusiast looking for an affordable piece of equipment to help them work a sweat during winter or whenever they are not able to ride outdoors.

This indoor cycling stand has amazing features and good reviews from customers. Read the review and get to know why you need to have this bike stand in your house.

Features and Specifications

The Forza F2 trainer has a progressive magnetic resistance which is adjustable. This means that you have the freedom to choose how easy or difficult your workout is going to be. If you want the ride to mimic a difficult terrain or a smooth one, the Forza F 2 has got you covered.

This indoor stand has a heavy-duty frame construction. There have been cases of riders falling off their trainers because they couldn’t take the weight. No matter how heavy you are or how intense your exercises will be, the mag trainer can take it.

Ease of assembly. This indoor mag trainer has quick-release skewers to help you assemble and disassemble it easily, in addition to attaching your bike with ease.

It comes in various colors so if you are lucky you can get it in your favorite color. Most training equipment is black, so it is good to have one piece in your training room that brings a little brightness.

This bike exercise stand folds to allow for storage even in limited space. Do not worry if you have a small apartment; the Sunlite magnetic resistance trainer will not be any trouble. It is also convenient for when you want to travel as it fits well in your trunk.

Summary of Main Product Features

  • Progressive magnetic resistance that mimics real road conditions
  • Heavy-duty frame construction
  • Built for quick-release axles (has option for axle adapter)
  • Fits most wheel sizes for adult cyclers’ bikes
  • Easy assembly
  • Foldable for storage and travel
  • Weighs 7kgs

Why Buy This Trainer

It is affordable. The Forza bike trainer provides a cheap alternative to people who do not have the extra money to buy a fancy trainer—or people who have the money but would rather not spend it on a high-end trainer. So do not fret if you are on a tight budget, the Forza F 2 mag trainer suits your budget.

It is easy to set up. Since the unit has a quick release bar, transferring your bike has been made easier. Moreover, it has an option for adjustment to fit a range of bike sizes. It works for road bikes as well as mountain bikes.

The Sunlite bike trainer is sturdy and stable. The heavy-duty steel construction makes it take any weight or exercise intensity without wobbling. As soon as you get on the bike stand, you can tell that is not a cheaply made piece of unit. It is also durable and you can use it for a long time.

The resistance is adjustable. You get to chose how hard your exercise will be. Therefore, this trainer is suitable for the rider who is rehabilitating, the beginner and the cyclist who is determined to challenge themselves and enhance their riding skills.

The physical appearance of the unit is appealing and it comes in various colors. You can find one that suits your preference or one that matches the color of your bike. Give your workout room a break from the dullness of black and grey equipment.

Its Downside

The Forza spinning bike is a little loud. If you are the cyclist that loves to train as you watch TV, it might be a problem—unless you are okay turning the volume all the way up. Apartment dwellers may also have a hard time with the noise level due to neighbors, especially when riding at high speed.

The resistance appears to be very little. A rider looking to challenge themselves may not get what they want from this trainer. Even that hardest resistance might not be enough for some riders. However, you can always use the gears on your bike.

What Other Users Are Saying

Generally, customers love the Forza F 2 trainer. The most dominant quality throughout the reviews seems to be the sturdiness and durability of this budget cycling trainer. According to many users, there is no way someone can fall off this trainer due to lack of stability. Commenting on the durability, one customer said that most probably, your Sunlite trainer will last longer than you.

Other users have commented on the ease of assembly. Taking the unit out of the box and assembling it did not take that long and it was not difficult—they did not even require extra tools. Another great quality that was in most reviews is the ease in storage and transport since it is collapsible.

As usual, the feedback about qualities like the levels of resistance and noise is never definite. Some customers are not bothered much since all bike stands make noise, so they were prepared. They can listen to music. Those with separate workout rooms say that the noise does not bother other people in the house. However, a few riders just can’t take the noise. To reduce the noise, use a trainer mat and trainer tire.

My Verdict

The Forza F 2 trainer is a great piece of equipment. It is sturdy and stable and the resistance (plus the gears on your bike) will give you a pretty good workout. It is easy to set up and folds for storage and travel which makes it very convenient. All these features for less than $100 is a deal that you cannot pass.

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