How to Level a Peloton Bike – Simple Guide to Fixing a Wobbly Peloton

It’s not hard to see why Peloton bikes have become so popular. Life gets hectic, so it’s fantastic to have a convenient and easily accessible way to work out, without even leaving your home! Plus, the social aspect to Peloton makes working out that little bit more engaging, another reason for the bike’s popularity. 

One issue with having a workout bike at home, however, is the fact that it just isn’t going to be as sturdy as the fixed spinning bikes you get at the gym. Plus, uneven surfaces at home might lead to Peloton bikes wobbling. You can notice the problem immediately or it may develop after a while but regardless, a wobbly exercise bike is annoying, and you’ll need to fix it.. 

Trying to level your indoor bike can be frustrating if you can’t seem to get it right. So to help you out, I’m going to discuss how to level a Peloton bike and offer several solutions.

Read on.  

Key Takeaways

  • You should level your Peloton bike to ensure a comfortable and safe workout.
  • If your Peloton bike is wobbly it could be because of uneven stabilizers, uneven floor or a slippery surface. Placing the bike on a carpet may also make it wobble.
  • To fix the issue you can adjust the feet, move the bike to a different area, use an exercise mat or add a sheet of plywood if it’s on a carpet.
  • If none of these solutions work or if your bike is defective, you should contact Peloton support.

Why Does My Peloton Wobble When I Ride? 

The first step to solving a problem is knowing what’s causing it. 

There are several things that can cause a wobbly Peloton bike. The most common one is uneven stabilizers. If the feet on your exercise bike are not leveled, you’ll find your Peloton wobbly and uncomfortable to ride. 

Your floor may be causing your indoor bike to wobble too if it’s uneven. The leveling feet won’t be able to sit firmly and evenly on the surface, even though they’re properly leveled. So when you ride the Peloton shakes, making for an unpleasant experience. 

It’s also possible that your Peloton bike wobbles because you have placed it on a slippery surface. As you cycle, especially at high intensity, it may slide around and feel wobbly.

Lastly, placing a Peloton spin bike on a carpet, especially a high pile one, will cause it to shake when you ride.  

How to Level Your Peloton Bike

Now that you know what might be making your Peloton bike wobble, let’s go through the solutions. 

Ensure Your Peloton Is on a Flat Stable Surface

A Peloton has two bases, each with three leveling feet. The feet have to be firmly planted on an even floor to create a stable platform for you to cycle. 

If your Peloton wobbles when you get on, you may have placed it on an uneven surface. 

Try moving your Peloton to a different area where it will have a firm, even base. If that was the cause, you should now have a nice, level Peloton bike for your indoor cycling routine. If this doesn’t solve your problem, keep reading. 

Adjust the Stabilizers 

As mentioned, your Peloton indoor bike has three feet underneath each base. The feet are adjustable, in that you can make them longer or shorter. 

If your Peloton wobbles, adjust the feet by turning them clockwise to lower them or anticlockwise to raise them. All the feet should be resting firmly on the floor to prevent rocking. 

Here’s a useful video showing you how to do this.

What If One Leveling Foot Is Stuck? 

Sometimes a foot may be stuck when you try to turn it, making it impossible to stabilize the exercise bike. 

In that case, tilt the bike or place it on its side. Use a piece of cloth to hold the stuck foot and try turning it. You can also use a wrench. Once you get it moving, bring the exercise bike right back up and try adjusting the feet. 

That should stop the rocking and make your indoor bike stable again. 

Try Using an Exercise Mat

When buying a Peloton bike, it’s good to also invest in an exercise mat because it could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

First, an exercise mat will protect your floors from damage as Peloton exercise bikes are quite heavy. It will also prevent your Peloton from sliding, especially on smooth floor tiles, making your ride unstable. 

Some users have complained about a wobbly or shaky Peloton on a carpet. If this is you and you’ve tried adjusting the Peloton stabilizers already, you should consider an exercise mat. 

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend placing your spin bike directly on a carpet because it might shake. The thicker the carpet, the more wobbly your bike will be. But you can fix it using a bike mat. 


Use a Sheet of Plywood 

Some people have recommended a sheet of plywood for added stability on carpets. Depending on your carpet, an exercise mat might just not be enough to eliminate the wobble. 

Get a sheet of plywood and place it on your carpet then add your exercise mat on top. If the carpet flooring was the issue then that should definitely solve it.  

Calibrate Your Peloton

I haven’t heard of many resistance-related wobbling issues on a Peloton, but it doesn’t hurt to calibrate yours. 

If a Peloton exercise bike is not properly calibrated you’ll have problems with the resistance levels. Turn the resistance knob all the way to the right. If it doesn’t read 100 on the screen, you need to calibrate the spin bike. 

You have to contact Peloton to order the calibration kit. You can find the calibration steps on their support page.  

Contact Peloton Support

If you’ve tried everything but your Peloton is still shaking when you ride it, you might want to call the manufacturer. A level Peloton bike shouldn’t wobble! 

In these cases, Peloton support should send a technician over who will be able to diagnose the problem accurately. It could be that you just received a defective unit. 

In fact, a while back, many people were reporting the same problem and it turned out to be an issue with the bearings. 

The best way to know for sure is to contact Peloton. Try not to do anything that could void the warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Peloton Bike Feel Uneven?

A level Peloton bike shouldn’t feel uneven, so if something feels off, this is the first indicator that something is wrong. 

Your Peloton may feel uneven if you have placed it on an uneven floor. It won’t be stable and it may feel shaky when you’re riding. Another reason could be because it’s on a high pile carpet. 

Peloton recommends placing your exercise bike on a hard surface to prevent wobbling. 

Lastly, your spin bike may feel uneven if the Peloton stabilizers are not properly leveled. 

How Do I Make My Peloton Bike Less Wobbly? 

You can start by leveling the feet as that’s the most common reason for a wobbly Peloton bike. 

The first thing to do is screw the feet all the way in to get an idea of how to adjust them. Start by adjusting the four outer feet until they are all firmly sitting on the ground. Then adjust the middle feet. 

If that doesn’t solve it, try moving the Peloton bike to an uneven floor surface and see if the wobbling stops. 

If your exercise bike is on a carpet, especially a high pile one, you’ll need to get an exercise mat and maybe a sheet of plywood. 

How Do You Adjust a Peloton for an Uneven Floor? 

The best (and easiest option) would be to move it to a level area in your home. But if that’s not possible, you can make the floor level using plywood and shims. Then add an exercise mat for the perfect resting surface for your Peloton bike.

Wrapping Up

Few things are more annoying than a wobbly Peloton bike. It’s uncomfortable, makes it hard to focus on your rides, and can also be dangerous. 

A wobbly Peloton bike may be a result of unleveled feet. Your exercise bike has adjustable feet underneath. If they are not stabilized, the Peloton wobbles. It might also shake if placed on an uneven floor or thick pile carpet. 

Try adjusting the Peloton stabilizers. Make sure your bike is set on an even surface and if it’s on a carpet, get an exercise mat to help with the wobbling. You could also add a sheet of plywood under the bike mat to make it more sturdy.

It also doesn’t hurt to calibrate your Peloton so you won’t run into any issues with the resistance level. 

If all this fails, you might want to contact Peloton support so they can send a technician over. You may be having issues because you got a faulty machine. Avoid trying any DIY solutions that may void your warranty.

Hopefully, this article helped you to diagnose any issues with your Peloton, and adjust it accordingly. Knowing how to level a Peloton bike is crucial to enjoyable and efficient riding.  

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