How To Make Peloton Seat More Comfortable

Riding any kind of exercise bike is going to give you a sore bum after a while! We’ve all been there – it’s not always easy to keep riding when even sitting on the saddle is making you feel numb. But do you know how to make your Peloton seat more comfortable?

You can make your Peloton seat more comfortable by adjusting its height, its angle, by wearing padded shorts, or even changing your posture! Before you go ahead and invest in new Peloton seat cushions, here’s what you need to know. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can make your Peloton seat more comfortable by adjusting its height, angle, and position, or by adding a cushion, wearing padded shorts, or using chamois cream.
  • The angle of your Peloton seat should be horizontal, the height should match your hip bone, and the position should allow you to reach the handlebars comfortably.
  • Padded shorts and cushions can help reduce pressure and fatigue on your buttocks and genitals, but you should look for reputable brands and products with legitimate reviews.
  • Chamois cream can prevent chafing and irritation on your skin, especially if you ride for long periods.
  • If you still experience pain or discomfort after trying these tips, you may consider getting a professional bike fitting or replacing your bike seat with a more suitable one.

What You’ll Need

To adjust your Peloton seat for comfort, you’ll normally find your bike’s fitted with handy levers or knobs. In some cases, you may need an adjustable wrench, or as some Peloton users recommend, at least a 13mm wrench.

It’s also wise to have a spirit level to hand when adjusting your seat. This way, you can ensure your seat is carefully balanced

If you’re replacing your Peloton seat cover, you’ll need to invest in a well-reviewed product. It’s also good to look for a known manufacturer. We’ll have more information on this a little further down.

You may even find that you simply need to invest in skin cream – again, all the answers lie in wait!

Without further ado, let’s run through adjusting your Peloton seat for comfort.

Adjust Your Seat Angle

The angle of your Peloton seat should be horizontal, so you’re not tipping too far forward or back, and causing pain. Too high an angle on the seat nose, for example, can add extra pressure while you ride.

The original Peloton bike arrives with handy levers. You can simply twist them to loosen up and tighten to move up and down. 

However, if you have an angle problem, you can simply take a 13mm wrench to the nuts and bolts on each side of your bike seat.

Simply twist and adjust until your seat is level and balanced. Use your spirit level, or download a spirit level app, placed on top of the seat to check as you adjust.

If you own a Peloton Bike+, you may have already received a 13mm wrench as part of your starter kit. If so, you’re good to start adjusting.

peloton bikes 2

Adjust Your Seat Height

If your Peloton seat is far too low for your height, you’re going to experience knee pain. If your Peloton saddle is too high, your pelvis is going to hurt – it’s crucial to get the right balance!

Thankfully, adjusting the height of your Peloton seat on an original bike is as simple. Loosen up the attached lever counterclockwise. You can then pull or push your bike seat’s pole up and down until you reach a point where you’re comfortable. Your Peloton bike has numbers on the pole, making it easy to remember your precise position.

Peloton suggests you try and set the height of your seat alongside your hip bone when standing next to it. There’s more information in this video to demonstrate.

The Peloton Bike+ has slightly different knobs/levers, but the action’s the same. Twist counterclockwise to loosen, set your desired height, and tighten back up.

Adjust Seat Depth

While you may find your Peloton bike seat hurts when riding, you may also be overstretching yourself to your handlebars. As with adjusting your bike seat height, you’ll need to use your Peloton’s built-in levers or knobs. Slide your seat back and forth between the handlebars.

You’ll find your seat position adjuster below your saddle – turn it left and slide across. Peloton generally recommends positioning your seat somewhere towards the middle of the bike. There’s also a further trick you can try. Place your elbow on the seat’s nose. Then, push forward until you can reach the handlebars with your fingertips.

Again, Bike+ users may find the fittings are a little different on their models, but the function’s the same. This type of adjustment is likely to be something you’ll ‘grow into’ as you get used to your Peloton.

Wear Padded Shorts

Padded bike shorts are great for cyclists who ride different bikes. The best padded shorts have cushions to add comfort and help distribute weight.

Padded cycling shorts and underwear are available for male and female riders. They also come in sizes all the way up to 3XL under leading brands. 

A word of warning – it’s always wise to look for brands you recognize, and products with legitimate reviews. Unfortunately, even Amazon is at risk of fake review scoring. It pays to read and watch clothing reviews before you buy.

As a great starting point, we recommend padded shorts from lines such as Baleaf and Souke. Their lines are both affordable and comfortable – and some even look pretty stylish!

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Make Sure You’re Sitting Properly

Peloton bike seat pain can sometimes stem from how you ride, not what you’re riding on. If you’re new to Peloton riding and classes, it’s always vital to follow your instructor’s guidance. They’ll show you how to properly ride your saddle for the specific class or exercise you’re undertaking.

In general (for example, outside of classes), try to ride towards the widest part of the bike seat. You don’t have to go all the way back if it’s uncomfortable. 

If you ride too far up the nose of your bike seat, you’ll add extra pressure to your body and will tire more easily.

Ideally, you should comfortably sit and pedal your bike without rocking your hips. You may also find that your knees lock if you’re sitting awkwardly! Peloton has a fantastic guide on how to carefully adjust your bike.

Use a Bike Seat Cushion or Cover

Before removing and replacing your bike seat, consider adding a cushion. Padded Peloton bike seat covers will also save you from having to wear special shorts.

You can invest in a gel bike seat cover or one with a basic cushion, for example, to help reduce fatigue while you ride. Whether you invest in a gel seat cover or a glorified cushion, the end result is typically always the same.

Seat cover options tend to be very easy to slide onto your Peloton seat and attach. Unfortunately, there’s no official Peloton seat to purchase right now. Consider Schwinn, Zacro or Domain Cycling as trusted names.

Both these brands specialize in different types of Peloton seat cushion, from memory foam to gel – meaning you can chop and change if you wish.

Again, don’t opt for the first padded seat cover you come across. It’s wise to prioritize brand trust and product reviews over costs for your Peloton saddle, especially if you’re already in pain!

You may invest in Peloton seat cushions and padded shorts together for maximum comfort. Buy and use with caution, as too much cushioning may restrict your rides!

Use Chamois Cream

Chamois cream is great for Peloton riders who use their bikes for long periods. You may find, for example, you get painful chafing between the legs or buttocks. This can even make walking painful, restricting how you can exercise for the days to come.

Chamois cream acts as a soothing lubricant that prevents chafing before you ride. While you could also invest in soothing cream or gel for after your ride, this cream acts as a preventative barrier.

Fellow cyclists recommend brands such as Happy Bottom, Chamois Butt’r and Udderly Smooth as trusted names in chafing cream. Always buy carefully if you’re adding to your Amazon basket – especially as this will be going on your skin!

There’s no harm in adding a cushion to your Peloton saddle and using chamois cream. In fact, many cyclists claim the key to a comfortable bike seat is to try a few different options.

Stand Up Regularly

If you’ve adjusted your Peloton seat height and are still struggling, it may be time to change the way you ride. Standing up regularly will give your butt a break and may even help to improve your Peloton output! 

This method of riding can help you to keep pedaling for longer. You’re boosting your calories burned, and improving your endurance and resistance. You may choose to combine this method with any of the above, too.

Before you start standing up regularly, try and follow your instructors’ routines. It’s wise to try and adjust or cushion your seat before you change the way you ride!

Consider a Professional Bike Fitting

Not everyone who gets started with Peloton – or even a simple mountain bike – needs bike fitting. But, if you’re struggling with saddle sores and general fatigue, reach out to a professional.

Some Peloton instructors offer paid instructionals to help you find the perfect position. Or, you may find that you can get a full fitting and assessment from your retailer.

Fitting sessions can include interviews and full assessments. It’s your choice if you’d like to carry these out in person, or over video with a Peloton professional or instructor.

Bike fitting may be something you wish to consider as a last resort, however, as it can be expensive. Or, if you can afford the service when you first buy your Peloton bike, it could save you a lot of pain and stress further down the road.

If you already have a Peloton bike, it’s more cost-effective to try the tips listed above (or to buy a Zacro gel bike seat, for example).

Replace Your Bike Seat

peloton seat

If your Peloton seat hurts you after all the above, you can remove and replace your original fitting.

There are replacement seats available that provide cushioning as standard. However, as you may expect, it’s additional costs to consider. 

What’s more, be careful not to remove and/or replace your bike seat if you’re still covered by a specific warranty. This type of adjustment may invalidate your coverage.

If you do wish to replace your bike seat, you’ll need to carefully remove it from the bolts with a wrench. This guide from Paris Pinkney goes into more detail.

Once again – only ever choose a seat and saddle manufacturer you can trust. Read legitimate reviews, and don’t just opt for the cheapest products available.


There are plenty of great ways to make your Peloton seat more comfortable! You may need to simply move your seat forward. Or, you could make the Peloton saddle comfier with a cushion, or wear cycling shorts.

Crucially, you never have to put up with pain when riding your Peloton bike. You don’t always have to undergo a professional bike fit to avoid pain, either! You can take simple steps to avoid saddle sore at the spin class!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide. Have you picked out a pair of cycling shorts? If you know a fellow Peloton rider who could use some extra comfort, don’t forget to share this article!

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