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Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer with inRide Sensor Review

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer Review

The Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer is a very famous bike stand in the cycling industry. It is the first and only one of its kind. Kurt Kinetic decided to take the less traveled (or not traveled at all) path when they made a trainer that sways from side to side as you ride.

Many people have found the feature very interesting because it really gives their sessions a unique road-feel. Moreover, the swaying movement works the core making your training even more productive. Kurt Kinetic keep making advancements on the Rock and Roll and it is likely that it will continue being popular for a long time.

The Kinetic Rock and Roll with inRide Sensor offers progressive fluid trainer. It connects to your preferred devices and apps using Bluetooth Smart. Basically, it is just the old amazing Kinetic Rock and Roll with the added feature of “smartness”. Fluid trainers are probably the best kind of trainers to have ever been invented, second to smart trainers in some cases. This might explain why a number of cyclists are hesitant to drop their fluid trainers for fancy smart trainers. The Rock and Roll with inRide sensor is, therefore, an amazing way to still have your fluid trainer while getting the fun that comes with fluid trainers.

What makes the Rock and Roll with inRide sensor different from the traditional Rock and Roll? If you already own a dumb Rock and Roll you may be wondering if you should ditch it for this new one or not. Maybe this is your first time buying a trainer and you are wondering if this one is worth it. This review has been written purposely for you. It is honest, detailed and simple to understand. Its main aim is to help you know everything about this trainer and make an informed independent decision.

Summary Of Features and Specifications

  • Integrated inRide sensor technology allows for power training
  • Pairs with your devices using Bluetooth Smart
  • Compatible with Zwift, TrainerRoad, and Kinetic Fit
  • Stable, solid and durable trainer
  • Patented frame replicates road feel
  • Large diameter roller
  • Progressive fluid resistance
  • 6.25-pound flywheel for smooth pedal strokes
  • Two-year warranty on inRide sensor and lifetime warranty on frame
  • Ergonomic rubberized feet and knobs
  • Compatible with Pro Flywheel
  • Frame accommodates 22” to 29”
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Free one-month subscription to Kinetic Fit
  • Elastomer pivot point that offers lateral movement
  • Resistance range is between 5 watts and 2000 watts
  • Easy to analyze and share workout data
  • Measures speed, cadence, distance, power, calorie burn, heart rate etc.
  • Ability to upload your workouts
  • Weighs 41 pounds

Closer Look at the Features and Specifications

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer with inRide SensorThe base of the Kinetic Rock and Roll is joined to the rest of the frame using a rubber pivot that causes swaying as you ride. The movement keeps you focused on your workout and replicates cycling on the road.  It is highly unlikely that your mind will wander when your bike is moving on the trainer. The movement utilizes your core muscles giving you a thorough core workout. The amount of wobble is adjustable by tensioning the bolts.

The Rock and Roll has a wide and stable base. Although the trainer wobbles while doing hard efforts, the base does not move. You might feel a little unsafe but that is just a feeling in your head—you have no reason to be scared. Moreover, Kurt Kinetic frames are among the best in the industry, meant to support your weight perfectly.

The pre-installed inRide sensor makes it possible to pair your trainer with your devices through Bluetooth Smart. It also lets you access the most popular training apps like Zwift, Kinetic Fit and TrainerRoad for varied and more efficient workouts. In addition, you can collect and analyze your workout data (speed, cadence, distance, power and heart rate among others).

The Kinetic Rock and Roll with InRide Sensor is a fluid trainer. Its resistance is produced by a fluid contained in a fluid chamber. As you pedal faster, the fluid will heat up and make your workout even harder. This contributes greatly to the road-feel and makes for a good workout because the resistance is theoretically infinite.

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control Bicycle Trainer AppsSince the resistance increases as the fluid warms up and it is considered theoretically infinite, you may be wondering about overheating of the chamber and the problems that it might bring. Put your worries to rest because the chamber cannot overheat to a point that threatens your workouts. There are 80 cooling fins that act as radiator fins.

On the right side of the Rock and Roll Smart trainer is a 6.25lb flywheel. This heavy flywheel gives you amazing momentum whether you are gaining speed, slowing down or holding speed. It makes your pedal strokes smooth and gives a superior road feel. The trainer’s stainless steel roller is 2.5 inches in diameter; bigger than most rollers around. It reduces the temperature of rotating parts and causes your tire to wear less.

Fluid trainers are fantastic but they are feared for their leaking problem. Kurt kinetic claims that all their units are 100% leak-free. The fluid chamber is totally sealed and the only connection it has to the roller and flywheel is through a magnetic coupling. No amount of working out can detach the coupling. On top of all this, the Rock and Roll does not have moving seals so all is good.

Power is calculated based on the wheel speed as opposed to direct measurement. Contrary to what you may think, this barely affects the accuracy of the Rock and Roll as it is pretty much decent. The inRide sensor’s accuracy is within +/-2%. Not many trainers can boast of such accuracy and with most of them, you will have to buy a power meter if you are obsessed with numbers.

The Rock and Roll with inRide Sensor trainer frame accommodates 22” to 29” wheel sizes. It is compatible with almost all bikes too. Included is a quick release skewer for a perfect fit.

Why You Should Buy This Trainer

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer ReviewThe frame comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. This basically means that it will never fail and if it does, you can have it replaced unconditionally. Nobody likes to keep replacing things because they break down. Quality and durable things are desirable. Having the Rock and Roll will make you be at rest and you can work out in peace. The inRide sensor has a two-year warranty which is great too.

You get to combine power training with core training. The pre-installed inRide sensor allows you to collect and analyze your workout data. You get access to preprogrammed workouts, online coaches and cycling “friends” on the training apps. The wobbly nature of the Rock and Roll works your abdomen muscles and makes your core strong and firm. This combination is super cool.

If numbers are important to you, you will love the accuracy of the Rock and Roll with inRide Sensor. The fact that it does not measure power output directly does not stand in the way of its accuracy. The accuracy is better than most smart trainers can boast of. Even better, there is the calibration function that enhances readings.

The Rock and Roll Smart Trainer offers a smooth road-like ride. Every other manufacturer will make this claim over their trainer. It is, however, more than just a claim when it comes to this trainer. The progressive fluid resistance coupled with a training app will give you the workout of a lifetime. There is enough resistance to make your muscles sting, data measurement to assess your workout and connection with apps to make things more interesting. To top it all is the large flywheel that provides for smooth pedal strokes and inertia.

Its Downside

Like almost all Kurt Kinetic smart trainers, it does not allow for the ANT+ protocol. You cannot use it with third-party apps. However, all the popular (and amazing apps) are compatible with it. Most cyclists swear by Zwift while others like TrainerRoad—both of them are compatible with the Rock and Roll so the lack of ANT+ might not really be a big problem.

The Kinetic Rock and Roll with inRide Sensor can be considered a semi-smart trainer. Compared to other “fully smart” trainers, it has a few limitations. One of them is that it does not automatically change resistance to simulate virtual environments such as hill climbs on Zwift. However, when you change gears the trainer can change resistance with the app.

The cadence reading is a little inaccurate. Not many people follow a cadence-based workout but if you do, use a cadence sensor to avoid disappointment.

What Users Are Saying

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer FlywheelThe feature that seems to have gained the most love is the rock and roll. Users are happy that they can sway from side to side as they work out just like on the road. It enhances focus and keeps them alert. It is not scary and adds a very exciting twist, according to the cyclists.

The set up is easy even for beginners. The Kinetic Rock and Roll works just as advertised, with a smooth road-like experience and amazing resistance. Judging from reviews, it connects well with the apps mentioned above. Except the erratic cadence reading, there is nothing to complain about this trainer.

My verdict

Kurt Kinetic made a smart move integrating the inRide sensor to the Rock and Roll. It was already a superb trainer before and this just made it a mind-blowing piece of unit. If you are searching for a trainer, do yourself a favor and check this one out. Kurt Kinetic is a well-known company and you will most likely be impressed. The resistance is great, it pairs with devices, connects to apps and lasts a lifetime. The Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer with InRide Sensor is the ultimate trainer for all skill levels.