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Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer Review

travel trac com fluid trainer review

Indoor trainers are meant to help you ride your bike when circumstances do not allow you to do so outside. If you have to be stuck indoors against your wish it is only fair that you get yourself a trainer that will add some excitement to the experience. Contrary to what you may be thinking, any trainer will not work for you. You want something that will make you look forward to those sessions, an indoor stand that will challenge you and help you enhance your skills and fitness.

The Travel Trac Comp fluid trainer is the one piece of equipment you should not be quick to overlook, especially if you are serious about your workout. This bike trainer will meet your everyday indoor cycling needs as well as advance your warm-up routine before every bike event or race.

The Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer is one of the most popular cycling trainers on today’s market, and there are plenty of reasons why cyclists worldwide are choosing this affordable and stylish model out of a long list of fluid bike trainers. The Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer delivers expert performance in a compact, portable, and stylish package. If you’re searching for a smooth ride from a bike trainer that offers a quiet ride, this cycling fluid trainer provides it all and is quickly rising to the top of the biking community.

To help you form an opinion about this trainer and ultimately make a decision, here is a detailed review tailored for you. Everything is simplified, including any technical terms, and explained to help you understand more about this bike stand. Nothing has been left out; everything has been laid on the table.

Quick Summary of Features and Specifications

  • Progressive fluid resistance for smooth, quiet ride
  • Simulates riding on the road
  • External flywheel for smooth and efficient pedaling
  • Wide base for a stable and solid surface for training
  • Steady, robust, great quality
  • Easy to set-up; no assembly required
  • Folds compact for transport and storage
  • Includes a rear quick release skewer for proper bike fit
  • Fits most mountain and road bikes with 24”, 26”, 27” and 700c wheels
  • Axle capture system
  • Aluminum roller
  • Weighs 15.4 lbs

Closer Look at the Features and Specifications

The Travel Trac Comp trainer is of premium quality. Riders can look forward to a substantial bicycle fluid trainer when purchasing this particular Travel Trac model and it goes for less than $200 on most dealer websites. It is a reputable manufacturer and has a gamut of solid reviews that praise the easy setup, stylish and sporty design, as well as the versatility when it comes to transportation and storage. Cyclists who are in the market for reliable stability, long-lasting quality, and an affordable fluid flywheel, will experience everything they could ask for in the Travel Trac Comp fluid. This bike trainer is ideal for all skill levels.

It is a stable trainer. The wide base makes for optimized stability during the easiest of warm-up workouts, to the die-hard morning sweat sessions that get your heart rate pumping. The Travel Trac Fluid trainer holds riders in place, not only with a broad base structure but with thick rubber molded grips that prevent riders from rocking or sliding across the floor during their most intense workouts.

This Travel Trac unit comes fully assembled. Even if you have never owned a trainer before, this will not give you trouble. Setting it up is pretty simple. Before mounting your bike all you need to do is reposition the resistance unit by turning some two bolts using the provided tool. Then replace the skewer on your bicycle with the one that comes with the trainer. It is a straightforward process.

The Travel Trac fluid bike stand is quiet. Many people have ditched wind and magnetic trainers for fluid trainers because they are quieter. Of course, they also produce noise but it is at a level that you can be comfortable with. The large flywheel in this one ensures a smooth and quiet workout, and with proper trainer tires and a mat you can dampen the sound even more. It will help you maintain a good relationship with your neighbors.

It uses progressive fluid resistance. The use of fluid in fluid trainers does not only ensure a smooth and quiet ride, but it offers a great workout for any serious rider out there. Although you cannot adjust the resistance, you will realize that there is no need to. The harder you pedal the more effort you will need. The exercise gets harder and sooner than you know it you will be having those legs of steel that you have desired for so long. Since it is quiet, you can listen to audios or watch videos that motivate you, making your sessions even more exciting.

The Travel Trac folds compactly for storage and transport. The flexibility aspect of this Travel Trac Fluid Trainer is a key selling point because few models fold with such ease and fit into compact storage spaces. At only 30-pounds, the Comp Fluid bicycle trainer is easy to bring to your local or distant bike meets. Fit it in the back seat or cargo area of your vehicle with your other luggage or bike gear and don’t worry about a strenuous assembly when you need to warm up. This fluid bike trainer is capable of being set up in seconds so, you can cycle on the go, or in the comfort of your home when the in climate road conditions cause you to hit the pedals indoors.

Why You Should Buy This Trainer

It is super quiet. Any rider who has used a wind or magnetic trainer before, you will appreciate the quietness of this trainer more than any other cyclist. Some of those trainers make you dread the indoor cycling sessions because the noise can make you go crazy. The Travel Trac hums just a little and when you get carried away in your workout you will not notice the sound.

It is affordable. If you have been window shopping for bike stands you have surely seen some with outrageous prices ad your jaw dropped to the floor. There is always going to be high-end stuff in every category and in most cases, there is nothing special about them except maybe the label and a few additional features that you can do without. The Travel Trac offers everything you will need in a trainer (and more) at a great price.

It is portable and easy to store. They are called indoor bike stands because they are often used indoors. However, sometimes you may want to travel with your trainer and the lighter and compact it is, the better. Also, not everyone has plenty of room to put their piece. This trainer folds to a convenient shape and size that allows you to store and carry it pretty much anywhere.

You will enjoy a smooth riding experience for a long time.  The flywheel provides a quality smoothness that all riders crave for their rear bicycle wheel, and as you may already know, the oil-based fluid within the flywheel promotes longevity by decreasing the amount of frictional heat produced by your series of workouts. What could be better? You pump your pedals with ease for progressive resistance, create your source of friction, receive a near silent exercise, and you can count on this long-lasting flywheel for fantastic workouts throughput your cycling career.

You will need the stability offered by the Travel Trac Compact fluid trainer. The fact that you want an indoor bike stand means that you are serious about cycling. It goes without saying, therefore, that some or all of your workout sessions are going to be vigorous and intense. A trainer as stable as the Travel Trac gives you the stable surface that you need and you can go hard without fear of getting an accident.

Its Downside

It has hard plastic “feet”. The feet are not the problem but using them on a wooden floor or smooth surface is. The hard plastic has no grip and when you train you will not notice that it slides—a little too much—which may be dangerous. Moreover, the sliding will damage your floor. Nevertheless, using a mat solves this problem completely.

What Users Are Saying

Most of the riders seem to agree that this trainer is perfect for its price. From the reviews, the Travel Trac Compact fluid is easy to set up and a good number of them were done within minutes. Making adjustments is also a piece of cake.

The bike stand has proven to be sturdy and well-made; Travel Trac took their time and did a good job. The users feel safe and comfortable when exercising. Some of them, though, have confirmed that is it not advisable to ride on a smooth surface for safety purposes.

The resistance is awesome and users are having a blast using this trainer. It is fun and they are happy they didn’t have to break a bank to have it. As usual, riders do not agree on the noise. Almost all of them say that it is too low to bother them. A few say that it is a little too loud.

My verdict

The Travel Trac Compact fluid trainer is exactly what you need in your home gym. From the features and reviews above, you can see that it will serve its purpose and it is of impeccable quality. It is durable and offers you a stable surface for you to exercise safely. It is lightweight, portable and easy to store. What’s more, the noise level is low, which is not an easy feature to find in trainers.  The performance of the Travel Trac brand speaks for itself and if you’re in the market for an outstanding and near-silent resistance throughout your cycling workout, the Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer is the best bang for your buck!