10 Benefits of Using A Bike Trainer Tire

A bike trainer tire may seem like just another unnecessary expense, and many people would argue that you do not need it. However, buying a trainer attracts other costs, all of which are important. So, why would you need a bike training tire? (It’s not like you can’t throw in your old regular tires and continue working out). Check out the benefits that come with a home trainer tire.

Key Takeaways

  • Bike trainer tires are specially designed to withstand the heat and friction generated by home trainers.
  • The tires are quieter, more durable, and offer better traction than regular tires when used on home trainers.
  • Bike trainer tires can provide extra resistance and improve the workout experience for cyclists who train indoors.
  • They come in different colors and sizes to suit different preferences.
  • Bike trainer tires are affordable and worth the investment considering their benefits and longevity.

1. Heat resistant

As you can imagine, a lot of working out will generate a lot of heat, more so if you are training with rollers. If you are using an old tire or your regular road tire, it will get chewed up in no time because it is not designed to sustain that much amount of heat. Again, the undue wear will coat the rollers with a layer of rubber.

Bike trainer tires are specially designed to stand the heat produced by the trainer and to offer better heat dispersion making them roll smooth and true.

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2. Quieter On the Ride

Most home trainers are annoyingly loud, and there is nothing that regular tires can do to reduce the noise. Indoor trainer tires, on the other hand, are made with a particular tread pattern and unique compound – specifically the Zaffiro 700c trainer tire – that reduces noise significantly. Using these trainer bike tires, you will notice that your ride is nearly silent; something that every cyclist would appreciate.

3. Durability

The heat produced as you work out will cause undue wear on any regular tire. By the end of winter, you will only be counting your losses. Bike tires for trainers are created purposely for use on home trainers. This means you will only need one. They have been reported to endure three winters of hard training without the need for replacement or 5000 miles (and even more) before they developed blisters.

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4. Added Resistance

You will probably appreciate the extra resistance owing to the tough material that makes tires for bike trainers. Some home trainers do not provide a way for you to increase the resistance and others like wind trainers have a resistance limit.

5. Better Aesthetics

Most of the bicycle trainer tires come in different (bright) colors which have sentimental value. One user, in particular, said that her yellow trainer tire heightens her moods. How would you like a trainer tire in your favorite color?

6. Easy On the Wallet

Trainer tires are not costly—especially if you consider their benefits. The average price ranges from $25 to $50, depending on personal preferences.

Other benefits include;

  1. Easy installation
  2. Better traction on the rollers
  3. Minimum squealing due to a well-designed fit
  4. Grippy unlike old road tires

You may resort to using your old regular tires but they will be chewed up, and you will need a long-lasting solution. Bike trainer tires are durable, quiet, heat resistant, provide added resistance, and you might get them in your favorite color. They are also easy to install (and you will only do it once unlike regular tires that will keep wearing out), they have better traction and are grippy.  Regardless of how you look at it, trainer tires are indispensable; and you definitely need one.