How To Ship a Peloton Bike

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Want to say goodbye to your Peloton bike? Whether you’re selling it on or delivering to a friend, knowing how to ship a Peloton bike properly will save you time and hassle. Firstly, it’s good … Read more

Peloton Knee Pain: Causes and Solutions

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If you’re here because your knees are bothering you after riding your Peloton, you’re not alone. In fact, 23-33% of cyclists experience knee pain at some point, according to one study that examined the non-traumatic … Read more

Should You Ride Peloton Everyday?

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If you’re the proud new owner of a Peloton bike, you likely want to get started immediately! But is it necessarily safe to start riding your bike several times a week? Should you ride Peloton … Read more

How Many Calories Does Peloton Burn?

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When you first start riding a Peloton bike, you’ll probably want to start burning calories as a priority! But how many calories does Peloton burn on average per session? You may be able to burn … Read more

How to Change Peloton Pedals

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The time has come to replace your Peloton bike pedals. Maybe you’re an ideal Peloton patron, and during your monthly pedal inspection, you noticed some damage to your pedals or jerky movement on your rides. … Read more

How To Make Peloton Seat More Comfortable

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Riding any kind of exercise bike is going to give you a sore bum after a while! We’ve all been there – it’s not always easy to keep riding when even sitting on the saddle … Read more

What Is a Good Peloton Output for 30 Minutes?

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If you’re just getting started on a Peloton, you may have come across a phenomenon known as output. It’s a great way to measure your progress and fitness as you train. But how exactly is … Read more

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes

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The truth is, you’re not alone if you worry your shoes will get stuck to your Peloton pedals after finishing a ride. This happens to every Peloton rider at least once! Don’t fear – this … Read more