Celebrities on Peloton Just as Obsessed as You Are

We all can admit it, it’s fun to have a celebrity icon when you’re starting a new workout journey to keep you motivated. Here are some of the most talked about celebrities who are also on that at-home fitness grind. 

From professional athletes to reality TV stars, watch for one of these familiar usernames on the live leaderboard, and don’t be shy to send a high five their way.

Key Takeaways

  • Did you know that Joe Biden, Miley Cyrus, Megan Rapinoe, and Cam Newton are among the celebrities who love Peloton for their at-home workouts?
  • Peloton is not just a bike or a tread, it’s also a way to express yourself, release your emotions, and challenge yourself.
  • If you want to high-five a celebrity on Peloton, you might want to look for usernames like KyleRichards, Alex Toussaint, and Burna Boy ride.
  • Peloton also has some cool features and collaborations that you can check out, such as the Artist Series, On the Leaderboard, and Tunde Oyeneyin. You can listen to music from Diddy, run with Usain Bolt, or get inspired by Serena Williams.
  • At the end of the day, celebrities are just like us. They sweat, they cry, they laugh, and they have fun on Peloton.

Which Celebrities are Actually on Peloton?

Many celebrities are tuning in for an at-home workout, just like the rest of us. Whether they are patrons of the Peloton bike or treadmill, rest assured that for them, too, hopping on for a workout can translate as both moments of strength and weakness. Here, we take a look at who’s using their Peloton.

Joe Biden

Even the President of the United States hops on a Peloton, and we know that he’s not the most young of the user pool. Apparently, there was a controversy about bringing Peloton to White House because of cybersecurity risks! Read more here.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry

This married couple isn´t afraid to show their sweaty faces on social media, even after a 6.4-mile Burna Boy ride. Name a better way to show marital unity!

Miley Cyrus

Miley is a die-hard user of Peloton tread. She even posted two videos of herself singing (perfectly) while using it. If anyone has the lungs for it, it’s Miley! 


After seeing Cyrus’ cardio karaoke sesh, Lizzo jumped up on a Peloton Tread to jog as she performed her hit song. The artist wrote that the 3-minute stamina-building workout was “F****G tough”.

Megan Rapinoe

Although Rapinoe’s athletic talents are impressive, don’t be surprised by Rapinoe’s humility: The Olympic champion said that she doesn’t really shine on spin bikes but remains in the lower half on the leaderboard.

Cameron Newton

Yes, the Peloton is for football players too. Cam Newton is the Peloton leaderboard champion during his off season, and even Peloton gloating about it. Cam shared, “I’ve been doing it for like a year and a half now, about 3 times a week,” he said. “When you’re doing it at home, you feel like you’re there. You know, that shoutout to AB123 in Texas for your hundredth ride, that’s special.” 

Candace Cameron Bure

If you find yourself getting frustrated during your Peloton workout, trust Candace Cameron Bure. The actress has uploaded a TikTok of herself ugly crying while on her bike. Why the tears? “Waves of sadness, the weight of the world, but also gratitude and everything in between overwhelm you,” she shared. See, working out even makes celebrities’ emotions run high.

Ellen DeGeneres

If there’s one thing about Ellen, it’s that she keeps it real. Ellen has laced humor into her revelation about the difficulty she has on the bike. Degeneres told her talk show that she had always thought riding a bike was just as simple as riding a regular bike. But 45 seconds later, “I’ll die,” she said. “It was a very tough situation; I sweated in spots I didn’t realize.”

Usain Bolt

Teaming up with Joe Jonas on Peloton’s Youtube series On the Leaderboad, the runner will answer questions shot at him as the speeds increase on the tread.

Joe Jonas

Yes, even the teenage heartthrob has subscribed to the Peloton journey. Check out the trailer for the series ‘On the Leaderboard’ here:  

Alicia Keys

Alicia shared with the New York Times that riding her Pelotonmakes her feel “clearer and more in my element.” Alicia got on board with Miley and Lizzo’s workout vocal sessions and belted out “Superwoman” all well pedaling away. 

Venus Williams

This tennis star swears by the Peloton app for at-home workouts. She loves the app so much, she even paired up with the instructor Tunde Oyeneyin to design a workout that really packs in the punch.


After having her daughter, Ciara began cycling her peloton bike for 30 to 45 minutes to shed some excess weight. Despite being a big fan of R & B, Ciara hasn’t stopped to take pictures of her Peloton bike in the past few weeks.  Back in 2019, she shared she loved Peloton Instructor Ally Love.

Kate Hudson

Hudson swears by the Peloton Tread, which she recently added to her home gym. The actress is also a fan of Peloton’s bike brand. No excuses when you have a whole gym set up without even leaving the house.


Diddy has received quite the attention from Peloton, as he has a featured “Artist Series” class dedicated to his collection of songs and albums. Peloton even has released multiple classes titled BAd Boy Entertainment Series to honor Diddy.  

Matt James

The prior Bachelor contestant isn’t afraid to share his classes with his favored instructor, Alex Toussaint. If you didn’t know, Matt takes classes with his bestie Tyler Cameron, who also prioritizes physical health. Fun fact: Matt has over 6,000 followers on Peloton. 

Elin Hilderbrand

With the clever username ElinWriterBrand, Elin has a passion for Peloton so deep that she even writes about her characters using them in her novels. Her side gig? She hosts virtual book clubs for Peloton riders.

Brittany Allen

Allen is a famous celebrity designer, who was a semi-finalist on “Project Runway”’s 18th season. She enjoys posting her Peloton bike workouts on social media. Many peloton instructors have cultivated friendships with her after she began designing activewear and workout attire. Her clients? Jess King, Ally Love, Emma Lovewell and Camila Ramon. And yes, this clout has even earned her invitations to weddings, such as that of Christine D’Ercore and Brian Hicks.

Peloton Leaderboard Names of Celebrities 

Everyday, a new celebrity posts a picture on Instagram showing their peloton. Many have public social accounts gloating their workout finesse, but don’t share their leaderboard names. With the below lists, you can scope the leaderboard searching for these names to get that high five during one of your peloton classes. 

Famous Athletes:

Adam Scott: aussiescotty

Christian Van de Velde – ChristianVV

Kenny Moore – givmeMoore 

Richard Sherman (NFL) – Rideout25 

LPGA Catriona Matthew – beany25

NFL Troy Aikman (Retired) – 25back

Tennis: Roger Federer – federer1 

Scout Basset: ScoutBasset

NASCAR Kurt Busch – kbracer1

Swimming Michael Phelps – UnderpantsFloat

WWE Johnny Gargano 

Russell Wilson – DangeRussWilson

Adrian Colbert – ThePelotonDonx

John Isner – jisner85 

Peloton Usernames of Musicians & Singers:

Don’t forget that Peloton has designed the featured artist series in which entire class sessions focus on the music of a musician. Interestingly, most musicians on Peloton keep their username private.

Joe Jonas – cup_of_joe

DJ John Michael – DJJohnMichael

Diplo – diplo1978

Pitbul – Mr_Worldwide

Melani C (SportySpice) – SportySpice UK


Andrea Barber – BookRider

Candace Cameron – candyrock


Joe Jonas – cup_of_joe

Reality TV Stars:

Chelsea DeBoer – Chelsdeboer 

Teddi Mellencamp  – teddimellencamp 

Kyle Richards –  KyleRichards Who is the Most Famous Peloton Instructor?

Famous Peloton Instructors:

Ben Alldis: BenAlldis

Olivia Amato: olivia_amato

Robin Arzón: RobinArzon

Hannah Marie Corbin: HannahCorbin


Cliff Dwenger: clifforddwenger

Hannah Frankson: HannahFrankson

Becs Gentry: BecsGentry

Anna Greenberg: agreenberg

Callie Gullickson: ItscallieG

Leanne Hainsby: LeanneHainsbyUK

Chelsea Jackson Roberts: CJRLovesYoga

Jennifer Jacobs: JMethod

Erik Jäger: ErikJäger

Rebecca Kennedy: RKSolid

Rad Lopez: radlopez

Kristen McGee: krimcgee

DJ John Michael: DJJohnMichael

Jess King: jesskingnyc

Ally Love: AllyMissLove

Emma Lovewell: emmalovewell

Matty Maggiacomo: mattymaggiacomo

Denis Morton: Denis__Morton

Tunde Oyeneyin: tune2tunde

Ross Rayburn: Yogaross

Cody Rigsby: codyrigsby

Aditi Shah: diti22

Jenn Sherman: JennSherman

Jess Sims: jesssims

Andy Speer: AndySpeer23

Kendall Toole: fitxkendall

Alex Toussaint: MrToussaint25

Chase Tucker: chasetucker

Adrian Williams: AdrianWNYC

Sam Yo: SuperYOda

Miscellaneous Celebrities on the Bike:

Nina Agdal

Bobby Bones

Tim Ferriss

Richard Branson

Joe Roegan

Heather Zimmerman

Georgia Hardstark

Who is the Most Famous Peloton Instructor?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Arguably, Cody Rigsby is a crowd favorite with his high-energy, hip music, and dance moves on the bike. However, Alex Touissant is up there as well, with many celebrity endorsements going for him. Alex’s positivity and commitment make him a respected coach.

Final Thoughts

Were you surprised by any of these famous celebrities on Peloton? Maybe they’re your  motivation to keep fighting for that toned beach body. Or, maybe their relatability simply reassures you that celebrities sweat too. 

Regardless, it’s always a fact that celebrities are just like you. Did we miss anyone? Remember to like and comment below.  

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