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FDW Magnet Steel Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand Review

FDW magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand reviewCycling is one of the best ways to exercise as you work most muscles in your body. You are not confined to four walls and you will get a breath of fresh air while at it. But you do not always determine when to go outside for a ride—the weather does (among other issues).

On days when you cannot go out, you need the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer to transform your bike into the ultimate exercise bike that lets you workout regardless of the weather conditions. The Magnet steel trainer is a product of FWD (they do not have a wide range of cycling products).

What makes the FWD Mag trainer the best bike stand for you?

Features and Specification

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel. This might have you thinking that it is heavy and bulky. On the contrary, the FDW m8 is lightweight and weighs about 20 pounds. The robust frame makes it very supportive even for heavy riders. The steel is also very durable and can last for a long time.

This magnetic bike stand features a high-quality magnet system which offers smooth progressive resistance. The resistance increases as the speed increases, mimicking a real road experience. The progressive resistance means that the level of resistance is infinite, theoretically.

This magnet trainer features five internal resistance settings to help you find the resistance level that is just perfect for you. The settings also make it suitable for riders of all levels. It guarantees a fruitful exercise that will work your muscles and help you make the best out of winter.

It is compatible with mountain bikes and road bikes with 26”, 27” and 700c wheel sizes. There is an adjustment knob to ensure that the wheels are securely in place.

About storage and portability, this unit folds flat to give you an easy time while transporting it or if you have limited storage space.

Why Buy This Trainer?

It is cheap. The FWD-m8 trainer will save you a lot of money and still offer you a great workout. Unless you are a professional rider looking for something fancy, this bike stand will work perfectly for you.

fdw magnet indoor exercise trainerIt offers great resistance. With the progressive resistance and the resistance settings, be ready to achieve all your workout goals.

You can always push yourself by increasing the resistance on the magnet steel trainer; and if it is not enough, you have your bike’s gears.

It is very stable. Trainer accidents can be tragic—which is why you must never go for a cheaply made one. The magnet indoor exercise trainer is made of high-quality steel to assure you of safety as you train.

It is not loud. For clarity, the bike stand does not produce much noise at all. Whatever noise you hear is usually form the bike tires. That said, the noise level is normal and you can still watch TV or listen to music as you train; although you will have to turn the volume a little up.

Installation is easy. You will not be frustrated trying to put this mag bike trainer together because it is straightforward and comes with a pictorial manual. If you follow the images (and ignore the written instructions to save yourself a headache), your indoor cycling trainer will be ready in no time.

Its Downside

The plastic caps are not that durable and if you over-tighten them, you will have to replace them. However, the trainer can work just fine without the caps.

Training without a riser block is difficult. The height ratio of the front wheel to the rear wheel is significant and it will always feel as if you are continually riding down a hill.

Although the trainer is not very loud, it vibrates at high speed and this may cause a problem with the neighbors.

The assembly instructions are poor. Someone who has never assembled or used a trainer before may have a hard time figuring out what goes where. It may be easy for some, but others would appreciate clear details.

What Other Users are Saying

fdw bike trainerSome customers seem quite pleased and satisfied with the FWD mag trainer. The feature that is mostly being praised in the positive reviews is the trainer’s stability and sturdiness. Heavy cyclists have no problem balancing and doing various workouts on the bike stand.

Other positive features according to the users include the good resistance, ease of assembly, low noise level and affordability. They are getting quality exercises without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

The negative reviews are centered on the poorly written instructions, the cheap plastic caps, and noise level. The noise largely depends on the tires that one is using, which explains why some users are experiencing less noise while others find it loud. If the noise is too much, buy a trainer mat or trainer tire and your problem might be solved.

My Verdict

Trainers can be expensive and not everyone has a lot of money to throw around—especially if you only need a trainer for winter. The magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand by FWD is the best budget trainer for people looking to stay fit regardless of the weather. It offers a good resistance to help you get a varied workout, it does not produce a lot of noise so you can use it in an apartment and it is very stable.

The Magnet Steel bike trainer is ideal for beginners, rehabilitating cyclists and anyone else interested in exercising indoors. With such an excellent trainer costing so little, there is no reason for you not to have one.

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