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OrangeA Fluid Trainer Review

orangea fluid trainer reviewThe OrangeA fluid trainer is built to help you push yourself beyond your limits. It is a mid-range trainer with great reviews on Amazon and other platforms—but so do many other fluid trainers.

So what makes the OrangeA stand out? Why should you choose it over any other trainer in the market?

The OrangeA looks sturdy and classy. It is sure to impress you even before you get on it. This fluid trainer uses progressive fluid resistance. This means that the resistance increases smoothly as your pedaling speed increases. Theoretically, the resistance has no limit.

In this review, you are going to see what makes the OrangeA fluid trainer special. We will look at the features and specifications in detail, outline the pros and cons and tell you what other users have to have to say about the OrangeA trainer.

Features and Specifications

orangea bike trainerThe OrangeA fluid bike stand uses high tech hydraulic fluid to produce resistance. As you pedal, the fluid heats up and becomes more viscous, increasing the resistance. The faster you pedal, the harder it gets. This simulates a real-world road experience, making it feel like you are outside. The progressive resistance provides for a very smooth ride.

The fluid resistance is adjustable. Since the resistance increases with power, it may be harder for a beginner or a rider looking for lighter resistance. But the option to adjust the resistance helps every rider to get the perfect resistance for their workout.

orangea fluid bike standThe trainer has a wide and stable base that offers stability. During those times when you are doing some vigorous exercises, the OrangeA holds without wobbling. Falling from a bike stand can hurt; and finding one that offers a sturdy platform is important. Bigger cyclists can comfortably ride on the trainer as it can accommodate up to 330 lbs.

The OrangeA fluid trainer is easy to set up and operate. Assembling this bike stand is very simple and will take you less than ten minutes. It does not have additional parts that pose a problem when traveling. Mounting your bicycle is also as easy. It is meant for bikes with a quick release rear axle and fits most road 700c and 26”-29” bikes. For storage and transport, this trainer folds compact.

The bike trainer comes with wheel locks to hold the wheels steady and ensure a stable training surface. Sure, a sturdy bike stand with a wide base is great; but what if the wheels are not locked? OrangeA have included the wheel locks for maximum safety—they care that much about your user experience.

orangea bicycle trainerIt has a cooling fin for enhanced durability. Heat is known to damage equipment with moving parts. It speeds up wear and tear reducing the service years. The cooling fin reducing the effects of heat and ensures that your OrangeA trainer serves you for a long period of time.

It comes with a noise reduction wheel roller. Fluid trainers are preferred to magnetic and wind trainers because they are quieter. However, some fluid trainers still emit noise that is a little uncomfortable—but not the OrangeA fluid bike stand. The noise reduction wheel roller will have you listening to your favorite music without having to turn the volume all the way up.

Summary of What the OrangeA Has To Offer

  • Smooth progressive fluid resistance for road-feel
  • Adjustable resistance for the ultimate workout experience
  • Wide and stable base for sturdy training platform
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Folds compact for transport and storage
  • Holds up to 330 lbs
  • Built for bicycles with quick release rear axle
  • Fits most road 26” – 29” and 700c bikes
  • Includes wheel locks for safe workout
  • Comes with noise reduction wheel roller to provide for safe ride
  • Has cooling fin to reduce effects of heat
  • External flywheel for smooth and efficient pedaling action
  • Weight: 23 lbs

Why Should You Buy The OrangeA Fluid Trainer?

orangea bicycle standThe OrangeA is quiet. Working out is better without some annoying noise coming out of the trainer. The noise reduction wheel helps to make the atmosphere conducive and lets you listen to your music in peace. Although the trainer is not entirely quiet, the sound produced is low enough not to bother you.

The resistance is smooth and progressive. As you increase the workout intensity, the resistance increases. This means that the resistance is infinite, theoretically. If you are up for a challenge, the OrangeA will give you exactly that.

orangea fluid trainer foldsThis bike trainer will not give you trouble when it comes to storage and transport. It is perfect for cyclists that travel a lot or have a small storage space. It folds compact and is only 23 lbs.

The OrangeA fluid trainer is easy to assemble and use. You do not need to be a pro to get the assembly correct. Everything is straightforward; even a novice who has never done it before has nothing to worry about.

It is a well-made and durable trainer. It has been built with heavy duty construction and can withstand any use and abuse. The cooler fin will greatly reduce any heat effects of wear and tear on your trainer. You can use the OrangeA as much as you want with utmost confidence.

Finally, you need to get this trainer because it is stable and safe to train on. It has a wide base and wheel locks which help both the bike and bike stand to stay in place as you ride. You will have no fear when doing vigorous routines.

Its Downside

The assembly instructions are poorly written.

Getting a light resistance is a challenge. As discussed above, the resistance on the OrangeA is progressive; it increases with the workout intensity. The resistance may not have an upper limit, which is great, but its lower limit might be too high for a total beginner.

What Users Are Saying

As expected, the OrangeA fluid trainer has earned a lot of love from users.

Users love the sturdiness of this fluid trainer. Heavier users and beginners find it solid, even when they are standing and doing other vigorous tactics. The easy assembly is also common among the positive reviews. It does not take long to set up and mounting your bike takes two minutes or less.

The noise of the OrangeA is minimal. Not a single customer is complaining about that. This is one of the few trainers that are truly quiet. The resistance is also very smooth and riding on it feels very much like riding on the road.

My verdict

orangea fluid trainer reviewThe OrangeA fluid trainer is a great piece of equipment. You will not regret adding it to your home gym. The features are amazing. It is sturdy, smooth, quiet and offers great resistance—pretty much all you need in a trainer.

Moreover, it does not cost an arm and a leg. The OrangeA is a sure way to make your indoor workouts interesting and productive. Check the OrangeA user reviews and price on Amazon