10 Best Bike Rollers of 2019

best bike rollers

best bike rollersNot being able to ride outside is boring. It gets even worse when you have to ride indoors on a roller, to nowhere. But the worst of all is not being able to find a bike roller that is perfect for you. You want to invest your money in a bicycle roller that makes you want to train every day.

Many cyclists go for bike trainers; those that go for bike rollers want a more challenging and exciting indoor experience. Most bicycle trainer rollers require you to attain and maintain your balance as you would outside. It may be difficult at first, but it will help with your form and placement.

Best Bike Rollers Comparison Table

Best Bike RollersOur Rating 

Nashbar Reduced Radius Rollers4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check Price
CycleOps Rollers3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)Check Price
Our Choice - Best Bike Rollers:
Nashbar Parabolic Rollers
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)Check Price
Tacx Galaxia 2016 Roller4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check Price
Kinetic Z Rollers4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check Price
Tacx Antares Roller4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)Check Price
Kreitler Alloy Roller4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)Check Price
Kreitler Kompact Challenger Rollers4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Check Price
Premium Indoor Bike Rollers4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)Check Price
Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Rollers4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)Check Price

On to the best cycling rollers in the market today; here are detailed bike rollers reviews (coupled with honest customer feedback) to help you make a wise choice.

The 10 Best Bike Rollers Reviews

1. Nashbar Reduced Radius Rollers

Nashbar Reduced Radius RollersThe Nashbar Reduced Radius Rollers from Nashbar are specifically created to help you attain a silky smooth cadence. This set will help you stay fit, remove roughness from your pedal stroke and take your bike-handling skills to a higher level.

Features and Specifications

  • Nashbar rollers are made of CNC machined aluminum drums which are 85mm in diameter and feature sealed cartridge bearings to make your riding experience quiet and smooth.
  • The aluminum frame measures 50” x 18” and has nine settings to make it suitable for any wheelbase.
  • The frame is equipped with three sets of feet with non-marring plastic fittings to keep your floor free of damages.
  • The connection belt is made of polyurethane for durability.
  • It is fully assembled, and you can ride it as soon as you take it out of the box.

Pros & Cons

  • The unit is already assembled for you.
  • It is quiet; you will not hear any rattles.
  • Making adjustments is easy.
  • It is affordable.
  • It does not fold up for storage.
  • It is not suitable for smaller bikes.
  • A few people say it has too much resistance

Customer Feedback

Users love the Nashbar Reduced Radius Rollers. There are very many positive reviews about them. What users love most is their small size, the fact that they are already assembled (sometimes assembling these units can be frustrating), the lack of noise and its price. According to them, the rollers are worth every penny.

There are very few complaints about these rollers, and they center around the resistance, saying that it is like always riding up a hill.

2. CycleOps Rollers

CycleOps RollersCycleOps Rollers from the famous CycleOps are designed to enhance your balance and control to help you ride in a straight line. They guarantee efficiency and better techniques on the road. This is what a CycleOps Roller has to offer;

Features and Specifications

  • Precision-lathed 3.25” aluminum rollers provide for a smooth and silent ride, and they will not distort in sunlight or heat.
  • It has unique patent-pending, 5-level adjustable resistance.
  • It can stand on end or fold flat to provide for easy storage.
  • It has rubber foot pads for a sturdy and secure ride.
  • It is designed for both outdoors and indoors.
  • It has a durable steel-frame construction.
  • It has a 16” wide wheelbase to accommodate any bike size and offers room for moving around.
  • It has an adjustable belt for left, right dismount.

Pros & Cons

  • It is foldable for easy storage and transport.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is stable.
  • It is durable.
  • It is affordable.
  • You can vary the resistance.
  • If you train hard, it gets loud.
  • You have to set it up yourself, and for some this is tedious.

Customer Feedback

The general feedback is positive. For many users, it provides a fantastic workout when you get the hang of it. The positive reviews focused on the sturdiness, the fact that it folds up for storage and its lifetime warranty on Amazon. Others users found it cheap compared to its competitors.

The negative feedback was because it gets loud when you train too much. This might be a turn-off for dedicated cyclists who plan to use the bike trainer rollers a lot, especially during winter.

3. Nashbar Parabolic Rollers

Nashbar Parabolic RollersThe Nashbar Parabolic Rollers from Nashbar are a great relief to beginners who would like to try rollers. Learning how to maintain balance on regular rollers can take too long, causing some people to give up. See the amazing features below.

Features and Specifications

  • The roller drums have a parabolic shape to help you stay at the center of the rollers.
  • Sealed bearings to ensure a smooth and efficient pedaling action that simulates outdoor riding almost entirely
  • It has a lightweight design and quickly folds up for easy transport and storage.
  • It fits wheelbases from 37” to 43.”

Pros & Cons

  • You can use it outdoors.
  • It is lightweight and folds up.
  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • It is not noisy.
  • It is simple to adjust.
  • This bicycle roller is a little on the expensive side.

Customer Feedback

Users of these parabolic rollers have nothing but positive things to say about them. They love that the rollers help the bike to stay in place, which enhances balance for newbies.  Users that would like to carry their cycling rollers for warm-up during events love its lightweight and portability. Also, customers said that they are silent, so you will have nothing to worry about if you live in an apartment.

There are no negative reviews about this product.

4. Tacx Galaxia 2016 Roller

Roller Tacx Galaxia 2016The Roller Tacx Galaxia has a revolutionary oscillating part that will give you an experience that is closest to riding on the road than any other roller. When you first see it, you will be led to think that it is unstable, but it is built to give your bike incredible stability.

What does this indoor bike roller have to offer?

Features and specifications

It has a patented swing system to help the rollers swing forward and backward. Whether you are standing on the pedals, switching pace fast or starting to sprint, the system will absorb the sudden movement to help you stay on track.

  • It has conical rollers to ensure that your bike stays in the middle of the roller.
  • The rollers are retractable to 80 cm.
  • It is suitable for 26” to 29” wheel diameters.
  • They are foldable up to 80cm.

Pros & Cons

  • It is easy to carry and store.
  • It offers freedom of movement.
  • It is very stable.
  • Suitable for beginners
  • It is not possible to increase tension.

Customer Feedback

The Tacx Galaxia roller made an impression among users because of its unique features. They do not regret purchasing the unit even if it is a bit pricey. What users loved, in particular, include the sturdy frame, easy storage and usage, and the fact that you can do various workouts without derailing. Customers that are using the rollers for the first time say that it did not take them long to learn.

There has not been any negative feedback yet.

5. Kinetic Z Rollers

Kinetic Z RollersThe Kinetic Z Rollers from Kurt Kinetic are a great option for pre-race warm-up and enhancing your balance and technique. Its unique design is a combination of durable steel bearings and lightweight aluminum. Take a look at its incredible features.

Features and Specifications

  • 5” roller diameter
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • It is foldable up to a third of its length for easy transportation and storage.
  • It is adjustable to suit bikes with a wheelbase from 38.2” to 43.3”.
  • It has precision machined aluminum rollers.
  • It is fully assembled.
  • It is dual-grooved for left or right-side dismount.

Pros & Cons

  • It is portable and provides for easy storage.
  • It is fully adjustable.
  • It is already assembled.
  • It has an unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • It is quiet.
  • It is a bit pricey.

Customer Feedback

There is not much feedback on this product. However, the customers that reviewed it love it. What they love most is the fact that this bike roller trainer is not noisy. It is smooth, and very sturdy. Others like that it has an amazing resistance level and it is ready to use out of the box. One particular user says that it is even better than advertised.

6. Tacx Antares Roller

Tacx Antares RollerThe Tacx Antares Rollers are streamlined to enable you to cycle freely and refine your technique and coordination. The roller is retractable to 80 cm.

Features and Specifications

  • Heavy-duty tapered rollers which make it nearly impossible to ride off the unit.
  • This roller is collapsible up to 80cm which makes it portable and easy to store.
  • They are also created to suit track riders who desire to warm up before a race.
  • When riding without a brace, a lot of concentration is needed to on steering; this enhances your sense of balance.
  • The Booster has a Skyliner front wheel support.
  • Suitable for bikes with a wheel diameter of26” to 29”.

Pros & Cons

  • It is smooth and sturdy.
  • It is quiet.
  • It is lightweight and foldable.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Changing the size for a new rider is a little bit complicated

Customer Feedback

The Antares has a lot of positive reviews. The theme for the positive feedback is its sturdiness and silence. A customer describes it as “whisper quiet.” The roller rides smooth allows for moving around and is easy to assemble.

The only negative review was from a customer who had an incomplete unit delivered (5 of 6 bearing); although this could have been an honest mistake.

7. Kreitler Alloy Roller

Kreitler Alloy RollerThe creator of this alloy roller had customers who hate noise in mind when designing this. They are extremely quiet, probably the quietest on earth.

Features and Specifications

  • It is made in the USA, 100%.
  • It is available in different drum diameters (4.5”, 3.0”, and 2.25”) and all of them are 15” wide.
  • The Killer Headwind fan is an awesome add-on that offers a cooling breeze and adjustable resistance, and it can also be rotated to point the airflow high or low.
  • It comes with a belt.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable
  • It is exceptionally quiet.
  • It mimics a road riding experience.
  • It has a sturdy frame.
  • A bit expensive

Customer Feedback

Judging from the customers’ reviews, this product is worth its price. A good number of users appreciated the quietness and sturdiness of the rollers. Looking at the reviews, you can tell that it is not suitable for beginners—but you can learn.

8. Kreitler Kompact Challenger Rollers with Alloy Drums and Poly End Caps

Kreitler Kompact Challenger Rollers with Alloy Drums and Poly End CapsThe challenger models feature polycarbonate end caps and aluminum drums. The polycarbonate end caps are durable but are more economical compared to all alloy models. The resistance increases with increasing diameter. These rollers are ideal for traveling if you what a unit you can carry to warm up before a race.

Features and Specifications

  • The aluminum drums are turned on a CNC lathe with an almost perfect concentricity.
  • It is made in the USA, 100%.
  • It has quality shield bearings for a very quiet and smooth ride.
  • The frames fold to allow for easy storage and transport.
  • The wheelbase is easily adjustable.
  • It is available in different drum diameters (3” and 2.25”), and they are 15” wide.
  • It has a belt and Kompact frame suitable for bikes with 38” to 42” wheelbases.

Pros & Cons

  • It is super quiet and smooth.
  • It is light and foldable to allow for transportation and easy storage.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is not already assembled.

Customer Feedback

Users swear by these bicycle training rollers. They say that the Kreitler Kompact rollers are quiet, durable and very high quality. A user in a review said that as soon as you take the set out of the box, you can tell it is high quality.

9. Premium Indoor Bike Rollers

Premium Indoor Bike RollersThe Premium Indoor Bike Rollers from CyclingDeal are perfect for riders looking for a middle-level roller. It is very high quality as the manufactures test the quality in the factory. Take a look at what it has to offer.

Features and Specifications

  • It simulates a real-life road riding experience.
  • Adjustable belt for right or left dismount
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Durable
  • Adjustable to suit any bike size with a wheelbase of 970 to 1090mm
  • Extra-wide bi-fold design making it stable and easy to store
  • Turned 3.25” aluminum rollers

Pros & Cons

  • It is easy to store.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • It comes with a bag.
  • It mimics a road riding experience.
  • It is cheap.
  • It might be a bit unstable.

Customer Feedback

Not many users have tried this roller trainer, but those that have, like it. According to reviews, it offers a lot of great features given its low price.

10. Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Roller Trainer, Foldable

Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Roller Trainer, FoldableThe Conquer roller trainer is an excellent introduction to roller bicycle roller trainers. It is designed with a ramped edge to help you stay centered while working out.

Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight and portable; it folds up to 22” x 22” x 9”.
  • It has a curved edge to keep you at the center of the roller.
  • It has sealed bearings to provide for a smooth rolling.
  • It is compatible with 27” and 700c bikes.
  • It has a step to allow for easy mount and dismount.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a step; good for beginners.
  • It is cheap.
  • It is comparatively loud.
  • It is not really smooth.

Customer Feedback

There are very few reviews for these rollers. The positive feedback was for its low price, and users say that it is not a total waste because it does what it is meant to do.

The negative reviews were focused on the noise and bulkiness; but again, it is cheap.


Rollers are becoming more preferable by the day. They offer that road-feel experience that cannot be found in trainers. Training on a roller is a great way to polish your skills and keep your mind focused on the workout, instead of drifting away to whatever land.

Choosing a roller is not easy, but with this bicycle rollers review, you are bound to find one that works. There are cheap rollers that offer minimum features like the Conquer Indoor Bicycle and the Premium Indoor Bike Rollers. Then there are those that are a bit pricey, but worth every dime like the CycleOps and Kinetic Rollers. Evaluate your needs, establish a budget and get yourself the perfect roller.