Look Delta Vs Keo Cleats: 7 Pros and Cons, Plus a Buying Guide

If you’re shopping for Look Cycle cleats, you may wonder how to choose between their most popular products: Look Delta and Keo cleats. 

When it comes to Look Delta vs Keo, there are a few things to consider, such as compatibility, ease of use, and other pros and cons. This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know and help you decide which cleat is best for you. 

Key Takeaways

  • Keo cleats are only compatible with road bikes, are more comfortable and secure, offer a higher range of cleat float, and are more lightweight.
  • Delta cleats are compatible with road and spin bikes, are easier to use, and are more flexible. 
  • Some similarities between the two products are that they both have three cleat holes, have high power transfer, are compatible with road bikes, and are highly durable. 

What’s the Difference Between Look Delta and Keo Cleats?

Even though both products are from the same company, Look Cycle, they are still different in many ways. The main difference is that Keo cleats are a newer product than Look Delta. While Delta and Keo have the same number of holes, Keo clips significantly improved upon the older product and are often the preferred cleat system nowadays.

Furthermore, these two Look Cycle products are incompatible even though they are from the same company. For example, if you have Keo pedals, you cannot use Look Delta cycling shoes and cleats with them, and vice versa. 

Look Delta Vs Keo: A Comparison

Since Look Delta and Look Keo belong to the same company, you may wonder how different they can be. This section will compare these two cleats in relation to some specific areas, such as comfort, ease of use and power transfer, among other things. 

Bike Compatibility

Before you choose one product over the other, it’s a good idea to know what bike models each cleat is compatible with. Look Delta cleats are compatible with various types of bikes, including road bikes as well as spin and Peloton bikes. On the other hand, Keo cleats are only compatible with road bikes.


In relation to comfort, many cyclists prefer Keo cleats to Look Delta cleats. Since they are a new and improved product with a different shape than Delta, they are more comfortable. Overall, they are less bulky than Delta’s and won’t feel as awkward. 

Number of Holes 

While these products have a lot of differences, the main similarity between Delta and Keo is that they have three cleat holes. The number of holes is what helps increase the power transfer of these Look Cycle cleats. No matter what cleat you choose, you’ll be guaranteed an efficient ride compared to the products of competitor companies. 

Ease of Use

All bike cleats can be difficult to clip in; however, some will be easier than others. While Look Delta cleats are harder to clip in compared to other brands like Shimano cleats, they are easier to use than Look Keo. Many cyclists say Keo’s are more difficult and take longer to clip in than Delta’s. 

Power Transfer

With any type of cycling, high power transfer is vital, as this will help make your ride and workout more efficient. Regarding Look Cycle products, both Keo and Delta clips have high power transfer. Whether you buy Delta or Keo, they will be more efficient than other types like SPD cleats. 


Even though Delta vs Keo clips have a lot of differences, there are still some similarities. For instance, since the same company makes them, they are both highly durable. One product is not stronger than the other, so if this is something that may sway your decision, you’re covered. 

Look Delta Pros and Cons

Now that I have compared Look Delta vs Keo in relation to some specific factors, it’s time to discuss some pros and cons. This section will review the main benefits of Look Delta pedals and cleats as well as some drawbacks. 

Compatible With the Peloton Bike

should you ride peloton every day

If you have a Peloton bike and are trying to choose between Delta vs Keo, it will be best for you to go with Look Delta clips. All Peloton pedals are compatible with Look Delta clips; you won’t have to change anything if you already have these cleats.

Can Wear With Other Pedals 

One benefit of Look Delta cleats is that you can wear them with some SPD pedals. Unlike Keo cleats that can only fit one type of pedal, you’ll have a bit more versatility with Delta cleats. This will be especially helpful if you go to spin classes that use SPD pedals. 

Heavier Than Keo Cleats

If you’re leaning toward the Delta cleat, something to keep in mind is that they are heavier than its counterpart. While Look Delta clips weigh around 75 grams, Keo’s come in at 68 grams. If you go with Delta, they will not feel as lightweight and may be slightly clunky. 

Keo Pros and Cons

This section will help you decide if a Keo cleat will work better for your riding style. Keep reading to find out the main pros and cons of this cleat system compared to the Delta system. 

May Be Easier to Walk In 

Even though Shimano shoes and SPD SL cleats are the easiest to walk in, what about Keo’s and Deltas? 

Regarding Look Delta vs Keo, Keo offers a type of cleat with grips on the bottom. This may make walking easier, especially on surfaces other than pavement. So even though Shimano cleats fit best for walking, Keo grip cleats will be the next best thing. 

Offers a Larger Range of Float Degrees

While Delta cleat types offer a moderate float, Keo’s have the highest float range. Cleat float refers to the degree of rotational movement that a cleat moves when clipped to the pedal.

While Delta Look cleats come in two different cleat floats, zero and nine degrees, Keo’s offer three different degrees of float. Keo Look cleats come in three different colors, black, grey, and red, and offer zero, four-and-a-half, and nine-degree floats.  

Allowing for lateral movement on your cleat will ultimately help prevent injuries while cycling. While zero degree float has the highest pedal stroke efficiency, a nine-degree float ensures a safe and comfortable ride. 

Since the Keo cleat comes in a 4.5-degree float, right in the middle of zero and nine, it offers the best of both worlds. While you’ll still have efficiency, your foot can also move slightly on the pedal, preventing injury. 

Feels More Secure When Clipped In

Even though Look Keo’s are harder to clip in, many cyclists report that they feel more secure than Delta’s. This may be because Keo cleat holes are small and narrow compared to Delta’s large and wide holes. This will ultimately increase the power transfer, making Keo’s a bit more efficient than Delta’s. 

Not as Flexible

One downside of Keo Look cleats is that they are not as flexible as Delta. This means that they may be more prone to breaking or becoming damaged if you are not careful with them. If you go with a Keo cleat, simply be careful if you ever walk in them and avoid putting too much pressure on them. 

Which Pair Is Best for Beginners? 

The best cleat for beginners under the Look Cycle company is the Delta cleat. Not only are these cleats easier to clip in, but they are also much more versatile. With these cleats, you’ll be able to try road cycling and also attend spin classes. Furthermore, if you ever want to purchase a Peloton, you’ll be all set. 

Keo Vs. Look Delta: Which One Is Better for Road Cycling?

If you like road cycling, which product is better? Both cleats are compatible with road bikes, but overall, Keo pedals and cleats offer more benefits. They also come with a memory positioner. 

Which Cleat Should Spin Bike Riders Choose?

If you want to start going to spin bike classes, Look Delta clips will be the best choice, as they are compatible with most spin bikes. They work on all Peloton bikes as well as some indoor bikes you’ll find at the gym. 

If your Delta’s are not compatible, all spin classes will have toe cages; this way, you can simply wear normal footwear for the class.

Final Thoughts  

When it comes to Look Delta vs Look Keo, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, both types of cleats are highly efficient and will last a long time. 

You should go with a Keo cleat if you want a comfortable cleat for road biking. On the other hand, Delta clips are the best choice if you plan to do different types of riding, like spinning or road cycling. 

Ultimately, beginner cyclists will be happy with Delta, while experienced road bikers prefer Keo clips. 

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