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Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Trainer review

wahoo kickr snap smart trainer review

More cyclists are ditching dumb trainers for the smart ones. They are tired of hearing how those with smart trainers are having a blast riding with “friends” online on all the enviable terrains. They want to have a taste themselves. Maybe you are one of those that want to own a smart trainer for the first time or you just want to upgrade to a “smarter” one, and that is why you stumbled on this article. You saw the Wahoo Kickr Snap somewhere but you are not really convinced whether you should buy it or not.

Well, you are in the right place because this review is for riders like you. Nobody likes to buy something until they are really sure that it will serve the purpose perfectly. You want to know all the details, the good, the bad and the interesting. The manufacturer can only tell you “the good”—which is understandable. It is not like they are going to give you reasons not to by their product. Anyway, back to the point, every piece of information you are looking for about the Wahoo Kickr Snap is included here. It is an honest and detailed review for the skeptic (or keen) shopper like you.

This trainer is an updated version of the original Kickr Snap. That means you get all the features of the original Kickr plus a few more exciting ones. The newer version has a legendary flywheel that makes your pedaling smooth while offering the same resistance that you would experience on the road. This wheel-on smart trainer has so many software training options; you may not even explore them all.

Quick Look At The Features and Specifications

  • Features both ANT+ and BLE capabilities
  • Sleek black matte look
  • Electromagnetic resistance
  • Measures speed, power, and distance
  • Made from carbon steel for sturdiness and durability
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Wide base keeps it firm and stable
  • Consistent power measurement (accurate to +/-5%)
  • Has a maximum power output of 1500 watts
  • Improved thru-axle compatibility
  • Easy wheel-on setup for quick transition
  • Has LED indicator lights
  • Sets resistance automatically
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Fits 650c, 700c, 26”, 27.5”, 29” wheel size
  • In the box: Kickr Snap, power cord, front wheel block, power brick, quick start guide, quick release skewer
  • Weighs 38 lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 10.5 lbs
  • High-inertia flywheel replicates road feel
  • Foldable legs for transport and storage
  • Super-quiet
  • Maximum user weight: 250 lbs

Closer Look at The Features and Specifications

wahoo kickr snap smart trainerThe first thing you will notice about the Wahoo Snap is its look—obviously. Most trainers are colorful, and those that are black are shiny; now there is nothing wrong with that. But there is something about the Wahoo’s black matte color that screams class—in a way that those others don’t. Trainers are bought more for their performance than for their appearance, but it would not hurt to have a sleek-looking one that performs impeccably, would it?

As is expected of any trainer from Wahoo, the Kickr Snap is sturdy and rigid. Nobody wants a wobbly trainer. You want all your teeth in place after the workout. The wide stance makes it stable, ensuring it remains in place as you go wild in the virtual world. The rubber feet work to prevent any accidental sliding. It is made of high strength carbon steel and can comfortably support up to 250 lbs.

The Wahoo Snap is ANT+, ANT+FE-C and Bluetooth Smart compatible. This capability makes it possible to connect your smart trainer with GPS devices and smartphones either separately or simultaneously. This feature is pretty cool and if you love to track your data using two different devices, you will love it. For instance, you can pair your bike stand with a Garmin computer using the ANT+FE-C and with TrainerRoad through Bluetooth smart simultaneously.

This smart trainer fits or adapts to almost all bike types and sizes. It is compatible with 130mm and 135mm quick-release hubs an 12mm x 142mm thru-axle hubs with an adapter. It fits wheel sizes 650c, 700c, 26”, 27.5” and 29”.

The new and improved Wahoo Kickr Snap version has an enhanced power measurement. According to Wahoo, the power measurement accuracy sits at +/-3%. Remember, getting the calibration right translates to a more accurate power measurement since the wheel, tire and air pressure bring parameters into the power-measurement equation. If you can use the Wahoo Fitness App, that’s even better.

The heavy 10.5 lbs flywheel is sure to give a smooth inertia that feels much more like the outside. It is among the smoothest wheel-on bike trainers that you will find. In addition, it supports a maximum of 12% simulated grade ad you will definitely have a blast with the climbs on Zwift.

The noise level of any trainer is a huge deal and highly influences every bike stand shopper. This is one of the quietest wheel-on smart trainers out there. However, your wheel type plays a role in the level of noise produced. A disc wheel is the noisiest.

Unlike the older version of the Snap, this one has LED indicator lights. They are meant to relay visual information as to whether Your Wahoo Snap is connected, powered and transmitting.

The Wahoo Snap comes fully assembled which makes the set-up super easy. After unfolding the frame, attach your bike then wind up the roller until the bike tire is in contact with the metal. Do two final turns for the perfect contact pressure. It is as simple as that.

Why You Should Buy The Wahoo Kickr Snap Trainer

wahoo kickr snap smart trainer adjustmentIt is very quiet. Regardless of whether you live in an apartment building or not you are definitely not looking for a noisy trainer. The shrieking noise of a trainer is annoying and can even be a threat to your sanity. The Wahoo Kickr Snap promises a quiet ride that makes it easier to concentrate on the numbers and interesting virtual environment.

It offers you an amazing road feel. The smooth ride is accredited to the large flywheel—discussed above. The inertia is quite realistic. You can control the resistance level using your phone and it can simulate up to a 12% incline.

It is perfect for people that hate complicated assemblies and setups. Sometimes you wish the manufacturer understood that all you would really like to do is hook your bike and start spinning as opposed to putting small pieces of something together—and getting it all wrong mostly. Wahoo have done all the assembly work for you (like they are supposed to) and as explained above, the setup process is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed—but don’t.

The frame is strong and sturdy. As long as you do not exceed the weight limit (250 lbs) you are free to unleash the beast inside and work towards your workout goals. Whether pedaling hard to release some negative energy, training for an event or just doing this for fun, this high carbon steel frame will hold your bike in place as the rubber feet ensure that the trainer does not slide.

It is affordable. If you have seen other smart trainers’ prices then you know this is not always the case. For all the features outlined above, and if you are really serious about your cycling then it is a sacrifice that you can make.

With the power accuracy upgraded to +/-3% and the maximum power output being 1500 watts, the Wahoo Kickr Snap beats all the smart wheel-on trainers currently in the market.

Its Downside

If you mess up the calibration process, your numbers will be way off, even by up to 20%. The good thing is that the process itself is not rocket science; you only need to follow instructions keenly. By the way, buying a power meter could save you all this trouble.

What Users Are Saying

wahoo kickr snap smart trainer partsUsers are sure they made the right decision buying the Wahoo Kickr Snap. There are barely any negative reviews.

Setting it up is easy and no one is complaining about it. The assembly instructions are clear for people who are probably doing this for the first time. The only problem here seems to be that, assembly instructions are all you will get. If you need any further information you will have to figure it out or go to Wahoo Fitness page.

The power is amazing and Wahoo have delivered on their road-feel claim, making their customers happy. Stability is not something you will have to worry about as it is very stable, just as advertised. The power might take a little while to stabilize during interval sessions but it is only for a few seconds (about five). There are no major complains in the reviews and the Snap has definitely lived up to expectation.

My verdict

The Wahoo Kickr Snap is the ultimate trainer for anyone looking to get a simple smart trainer at a pocket-friendly price. The features are great and Wahoo Fitness have really tried with this one. It works just fine, as is evident from reviews on different platforms. The Wahoo Kickr Snap will be a fantastic addition to your home gym.